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February 24, 2017


Lin McQ

I just put a piece of masking tape down. It's lasted for years and works great.


I have the Clearly Perfect and it does cling without being sticky. However, I must have set it up wrong because I was never able to get the right seam allowance with it.

I had the Folded Corner Clipper and it worked too but then I realized I could do the same thing with the Easy Angle Ruler! So I gave the FCC to my MIL since she liked the way it worked and didn't have an EA.

Mary Kastner

That is a pretty cool block. I am still working on Olio but I am making progress. I use masking tape too! Have a nice weekend.


Michele Klein

I've never had much luck with any of the seam guides. I don't like the time it takes to mark but I'm much happier with the end result and no unseeing!

Barbara Anne

I draw lines and if the corner bit is large enough, add another line toward the corner a 1/2" from the first. That gives me lots of wee HSTs with just a bit more stitching NAD no bias edges!



I haven't always had good success with the 'angler' type guides. The sticky one didn't seem to stick well and the Angler had to be stuck down with painters tape. I have a Janome with a drop in bobbin on top so I had to undo the Angler everytime I needed a new bobbin. I think drawing the lines is the way to go unless you want to frustrate yourself a lot.
I love this block! And your fabrics are so pretty.

Sandy M

I have used the Clearly Perfect Angle (CPA). I liked it much better than the Angler since it clings to the sewing surface with no additional need of Tape. It's made of vinyl so it clings.
I forgot to bring it to retreat once and I improvised by putting 1/2 inch of painters tape with a line drawn down the middle on my machine. I realized that did the same thing as the CPA tool without having to readjust it every time I moved the machine. since then, I have used the tape on my machine. I align the corner of the piece on either side of the tape when I'm doing HST, or on the center line when I'm doing a stitch like the one you are doing above. It works great. Here is a pic of the setup:

pam hansen

Great fabric choice for this pattern. I have seen this block and others that are similar a number of times and like the finished quilt.
As for the question you posed I am a line drawer. I usually do this task while watching television so I don't mind the task.


I love your block! I' always draw and sew might be time consuing but the results are great for me. Have a wonderful weekend!


Thanks for the tape trick. I have used the Angler that you tape down but once I get it set up for a project the machine is unavailable for other sewing and it is a pain to keep taking it on and off. I have also drawn lines but that is slow go. Let us know about your new one please.

Loris Mills

I have the CPA as well but I had trouble figuring out what to cut out for the needle and foot...the foot kept hitting the vinyl and messed with accuracy. I prefer the use of just a strip of tape to guide by. I will enjoy seeing how you like it though. I think I have a long learning curve ;-)

Pat in Nebraska

This block is 'Mountains Majesty' (a Bonnie Hunter offering) scrambled up. I look forward to using this idea the next time I'm set up for some a new project.


I'm in the 'blue painters tape' crowd but will be interested in hearing what you think of the cling. It sounds promising! When I draw lines I try to do it while watching tv (listening, really). Have a good weekend!

Susan McGirr

Check out Bonnie Hunter's blog at for the free pattern for Scrappy Mountain Majesties for an easier way to piece this block without having to do the flippy corner.

Jennifer in Indy

I love my clearly perfect angles tool - have used it many times!


I used the clearly perfect tool but actually have liked a simpler idea. I used a fine point permanent marker and drew a fine line from the needle to the edge of my sewing surface and that works for any size block.

Tracey Holzer

I am a lover of the angler 2 and use it almost all of the time. I came across some anglers after Pam passed away and bought them because I can't imagine not sewing with them. My last angler has half of the marking rubbed off and needs to be replaced, but I'm hoarding my new ones!


Great solution!

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Susan Ramey Cleveland

Love your buzzsaw block. That fabric is gorgeous.


the Bonnie Hunter version of this block is sooooo much easier and whips up in no time. I made one years ago. Love your fabric choice!

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