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March 14, 2017



It looks great!! I really like the color palette, blues are one of my favorites, Sarah is a lucky girl to get this one.

Barbara Anne

Beautiful, and as you said, soothing and (my word) tranquil! Another lovely quilklt nearly finished!!


Mary Kastner

That fabric is beautiful. The colors are so soothing. I love the block. Great job!



You are so funny! I am laughing about the Summer Wind name. You are absolutely right! I can't stop laughing now. The block design is so eye catching and I think you are visionary for finding a pattern so complimentary to the fabric! Love it!

Debbie R.

What a beauty, no matter the name.


Your quilt is so soft & cozy looking! I'd go with Buzz Saw instead of the 'other' name, too! Although, it's pretty funny when you think about it!


it really is beautiful! the colors....the pattern....beautiful. ;p


I think Buzz Saw is the perfect name for it Summer Wind could also be the name for an air refreshner or a retirement home;-)
Lucky Sara, not only you made the Joy Luck table topper for her but now this great quilt. But it great when you know your quilt will be a in good hands and well loved.

Joan S

I loved this in your Instagram post! Love the pattern and the fabrics. It's beautiful, Nicole! I'm sure Sara will be thrilled to have it. My sister is my biggest fan, so she gets a lot of my quilts!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

So pretty.


This quilt is just beautiful 😍 The colors are so harmonious together.

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