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March 27, 2017


Sandra Brown

I love these little baskets. All my quilting friends are always giving me little handmade gifts when we go to retreats. Most of them are good at sewing and quilting and give out the most unique little gifts. But this looks easy enough that even I could do it. I think I will make the larger one and buy some sewing notions to put in them. Love reading your blog, your quilts are beautiful.


These look fantastic! I love that you not only shared the project, but also so many potential gifting options, too! ❤️

Barbara Anne

Wizaed ideas and I thank you for the excellent link! Tese fabric baskets are just too cute!!


Mary Kastner

Those are so cute and practical as well. I am going to look at the link. Thank you Nicole!


Loris Mills

These are so cute! Thank you for sharing the link. I need a little gift for a friend and I think this would be perfect with some treats inside.
I saw that you mentioned...I think on IG(?) that you were looking for a stabilizer. Soft and Stable was recommended. Today on Missouri Star Quilt Co, they have a similar product on special(also found on amazon) and they have a video making a bag using it. Thought you might like to see a sample of it.


Hey - thanks for the good ideas and link. So helpful! Karen


This looks like another fun project. I'm a sucker for anything with cute button embellishments! Nothing will ever top the Zippy Bags, though!


Thanks for shairng these with us they are sure fun gift ideas!


These look great!


Perfectly adorable !!! I have several sisters, friends and daughters who would love these! I have already gone to the link...easy-peazzy!!! Thanks Nicole!!! This is on my list! :)


These are so cute and you made them sound so easy to make. I love your fabric choices!

Sandra Clarke

Thanks for the post and I will try the baskets, so cute!! You amaze me with the number of projects you complete! I truly enjoy your posts and thank you for inspiring me. I need a shoe in the rear to get me going!!!!!!



I made a fabric basket with the link you provided, and I absolutely love it. Thanks for sharing, and for offering so many clever ideas for uses. I have written about my basket on today's blog, and linked to you in it. Just an FYI. Thanks, again!


These baskets are great!

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