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March 29, 2017


Kris P.

Thanks for the heads up on pel tex. I keep a supply of Decor bond for stiffening my cottons when making bags and baskets. Sometimes add batting or fusible fleece to it as well, keeping the batting shorter and out of the seam allowance. Also add a medium or light weight fusible to the lining. One of my favorite basket patterns is the free 1 hour pattern on Craftsy.


I have also used the D├ęcor Bond by Pellon in making purses/totes. It is pretty stiff, but not as stiff as cardboard and is a fusible. I have also used a woven fusible, SF101 by Pellon in making t-shirt quilts. Just enough stabilization for t-shirts, but lightweight enough not to cause problems when quilting.

Barbara Anne

I have no helpful info to suggest, but am glad to learn from the experiences of others! Love your baskets!



Decor bond works well for baskets but may get floppy after a lot of use. Soft and stable or Bosal is a foam type product that is fairly easy to work with and keeps your baskets standing up. Your machine shouldn't have any problems sewing through it. Its great for purses also a they keep a better shape. Its kind of expensive is the only downfall.

Mary Kastner

I am totally in the dark about this stuff. No help at all for you from me. I bought a yard of something to put on the back of embroidery pieces on advice of a quilt shop employee and now I just look at it and wonder what the heck I was thinking. Way too thick and hard. I am anxiously reading everyone's thoughts! Sorry.


Sherry V.

I haven't used it . . . but I read somewhere that Soft and Stable is good for tote bag making. . .so perhaps that would help.


I've used the foam product Soft & Stable in bag making several times. It moves easily through my Bernina using the walking foot but isn't fusible. The last package I bought has a price sticker of $24. but that was a couple of years ago. Maybe you could use a coupon at JoAnn's?


Soft and Stable is good to use for bags and baskets. Craftsy has a free pattern 123 Fabric Basket by Ellison Lane that I used.


Thanks for telling us about your basket makings.
I've made a one-hour-basket for my brother a few years ago and I really liked it.
Don't know if I'm any help for you with the interfacing problems because we have other brands here in Germany sometimes but I used Decovil for a basket once and it was okay although I would love to have something with more volume. Perhaps you can use a thin but stable interfacing and one softer together?


I've used cotton/linen blend fabric with a fusible interface and had good luck. The cotton/linen fabric is a little stiffer than 100% cotton fabric.

However, the best product for these projects is Soft and Stable by Annie's. It is expensive. I don't know if Joann's sells it. You have to really shop around online to find a decent price. ;p

Terri Stanley

Try soft & stable, Pellon SF101 (a woven cotton fusible, or cotton duck cloth with batting. I just used the cotton duck with quilt batting (quilters dream) in a little scrap bucket and it worked great - not too stiff and not too floppy. If you use this method you will need to quilt the layers some but not a lot.


There is a product that is similar to car headliner. Similar to a foam and easy to sew. I think it is called soft and stable and comes in black and white. I have used it with great success in totes and bags. Keeps it shape without the hassle. What your using is used in making post cards for those that like to do that sort of thing, Hope this helps.

Sally K

Stiff Stuff by Lazy Girl Designs might work for you. Probably best for smaller baskets. I can't remember the cost.

I am currently trying a Pellon product called Flex-Foam on a duffle bag. There is a sew in and a fusible version. They were out of the fusible when I went to my local big box fabric store so I purchased the sew in. Both versions were $10.99 but I was lucky to have a 50% off coupon. A few days later I happened to be in the big box variety store (starts with a W)and they had the sew in for $6.99 or $7.99 (I can't remember which). It would be better for larger baskets but you'd still need to be aware of how much weight you're putting in the basket.

Hope this was helpful. I really enjoy your blog.


I like the feel of the Soft and Stable as well. It's easy to work with and gives the baskets form.


I really like this basket and have made many:


Foam works great and is easy to sew. My favorite is the 1 hour basket on Craftsy. Try it with the foam.

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