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March 07, 2017


pam hansen

The topper you made is adorable but that horrible container on your counter brings unpleasant memories. Just get through it the best you can.

Mary Kastner

Quilt cute. Ugh for the bottle. A necessary task that is not a fun one. At least I only have to do it every five years. I would tell you to have a good day but I know better.


Stephani in N. TX

Cold is better Nicole. Just don't follow it with lots of iced tea to keep cool or just "because." Trust me, the more you drink when you finish this, the more trips you make. Last test, I was in my "hot days." Took me a while to figure out, I wasn't enjoying my tea, just traveling more. You make more quite table toppers, etc. I use medium sized quilts on my table since we don't eat their very often, and whenever we do, it's washable.They are so pretty.Hang in there today. The jury is out whether the jug or the small bottle of fishy tasting stuff gets it over quicker but uglier.

Barbara Anne

The Joy Luck Blockes are delightful and - again - I'm amazed at your speed piecing. You're The Whiz!

I agree that cold is better for that prep. Also get some really soft loo paper. Just sayin'!!


Patty Fowl

After working in healthcare for 37 1/2 years and undergoing several colponoscopies myself, I think the trick is that you REALLY limit what you eat the 24 hours before you start the prep... I literally had only liquids (soup, milk, etc) the full day before I started the prep. Your body has less to clean out and once you start your prep, you will be "clear" much quicker. The goal isn't that they get you to drink the whole gallon of GoLytely but rather that what is coming is out is clear with minimal flecks of excrement ... sorry to be so graphic. So, the faster you are expelling literally just water, the sooner you are done with the GoLytely. Good Luck and don't wait too late in the day to start your prep or you will be up during the night!


YUP. Me too, March 23. Part of my "welcome to Medicare" physical. I will be thinking of you.


I agree heartedly with Patty Fowl. As a rectal cancer survivor since 2001, I know the test is so necessary but also the prep is no fun. Eating very lightly - and "liquidy" - for the whole day before the prep does make it much easier to get to the "clear" sooner. Good luck. And I love, love, love your blog.


I love your new table topper the pattern and fabrics look really good together.
Lucky for me I'm not old enough to need a colponoscopy but both my mom and dad already had them and it's something I don't looking forward to when I'm older.


SUPER COLD and use a straw. :)


and, it is sooooooo salty tasting! that lemon flavor was hideous! the only plus? you can have Popsicles. i recommend the lime ones bc. ;p


So pretty 😍 (The tabletopper not the other 😂) it sucks getting old 😩


Like Jody said USE A is so much me it was the best advice the Doctor ever gave me...

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