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March 31, 2017


Barbara Anne

Applause, applause! You did it!!!!!!!!!!


Sherry V

Just a thought. . .could you save the cuttings from the ovals and stars to use with another pattern that uses smaller pieces? That way there would be less least it sounded good in my mind.

I avoid applique. . because I do not enjoy the process. . but there are a number of simpler patterns that are calling my name so I may have to "bite the bullet" and just start it.

Have a wonderful day.


I'm doing some appliqué for the Happy Flower quilt-along. I think it's a total of 31 different aplliqué blocks and that's the amount I'm willing to do with this quilt.
I prefer hand and needle turn appliqué to machine appilqué because the result looks better in my eyes and it can be relaxing (emphasis the 'can';-)
Oh, and I decide to make the pieed blocks for the modablockhead sampler and not the appilque blocks because one sew-along with appliqué at the time is enough.
Wish you a wonderful weekend!

Tracey Holzer

Oh that basket is pure perfection!! You're a natural.

Loris Mills

You are right. Those stitches are beautiful! I love blanket stitches for applique. Thanks for the link to the video. I'm going to check it out.

Mary Kastner

Those blocks look awesome. I am so glad you are learning all the wonderful things about your new Beenina. They are such a dream. I love this quilt so much. I did not buy it at the time and wish I had now. It is just so pretty. You are on your way to a heirloom quilt in the house!


Helen storer

Love the basket colour is beaut


Beautiful basket block, this will be a gorgeous quilt! Applique is a lot of prep work but satisfying in the end, I think.

Patty Fowl

Although I am not a needle turn/ glue baste-it type of appliqué quilter, I do a LOT of fusible appliqué with a buttonhole stitch. I have long used Steam a Seam 2 and although they had an "off" period a while back, the production of it now seems to hold great without adding a lot of heaviness. I am wondering why you made a template? I usually trace my shapes, using a lightbox, on one side of the fusible, peel off one side of the fusible paper to fuse onto my fabric, then cut out my shape, and then peel off the remaining paper to fuse onto the background fabric.
After doing a bit of fusible appliqué for awhile, I do switch back to traditional piecing and I also love to paper piece. Then I don't usually get bored with any one thing! Love your basket blocks!!


That's going to be a spectacular basket quilt! Good for you finding a way to learn what your new Bernina can do rather than let it sit except for straight stitching! Did you find any Soft & Stable at JoAnn's?


Beautiful! But all the rigmarole is why I prefer hand applique! Although, as I say that, I'm going to be making a quick baby quilt this weekend for a friend of my daughter. The pattern she chose, while simple, has an applique dinosaur, which if she wants it done and in the mail by Monday will be machine appliqued! Maybe I'll change my mind?


I made that pattern using the kit last year and it was great fun and easy to make. The stars are big and the basket handles a pretty gentle curve. You've done a great job. The big oval was a great way to make two handles at the same time. I liked that idea, although, there was waste in the middle. Lots of learning and lots of rigamarole!


Looks great! I always trace my shape directly onto the fusible product without making a template, before fusing it onto the fabric. Saves time. And I fuse all my pieces or shapes onto the background fabric so that I can machine applique them in batches of those requiring the same color thread. But for me, I'd rather hand applique any day. I love it and find it so relaxing.


You really should give needle turn a go. It's quick, easy, relaxing and much faster than this method. I've taught several ladies how to needle turn in four hours and they're needle turning to this day. With the current Minick & Simpson BOM I'm working on, I did the drawstring method on my circles and it took me twice as long as it would have just to needle turn them. That said, your star looks wonderful! I love this quilt.

Betty Meyer

I really enjoy machine appliqué. I took a class and found it so helpful with great results. I have done several sampler quilts. I enjoyed picking fabric for each block and then going through the process you described, one block at a time. It was fun to see each separate block, and many of them could be stand alone wall hangings. Your quilt looks great and I love those Collections for a Cause fabrics.

Sharon Tucker

I am wondering why you used a light box. Why didn't you just trace around your template on the paper side of the heat and bond, fuse onto fabric,and then cut out? As for the handles, cut strips on the bias, turn edges under, baste folds down and press, then stitch down, no fusible needed. All machine work. Just another way to get the same results, This is a fantastic basket/star pattern, it will be beautiful!


Wow they look great! It's amazing how much our machines can do if we read the books, watch videos. I'm always impressed by people like yourself who research how to get the most out of the tools they have available to them. Thanks for all the great tips!

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