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April 12, 2017


Quilter Kathy

It's very pretty... great job!
I suppose I'll have to do the applique too if there are more to come!


It looks great! I've always hesitated with machine applique, although I used to do it all the time. Last weekend I made a quick baby quilt with a dinosaur on it and had to do it by machine and it turned out adorable...I may try this block that way too. I do love how you made everything even, I'm a symmetrical girl myself. Well done!

Barbara Anne

Well done and applause for your bravery!

I don't do "wonky" either as it just rubs me the wrong way. My mother measured to put 3 dots in a row before using the ruler to draw a straight line. I come by it honestly, too!



Now aren't you glad you made this block! It's so cute. I haven't used invisible thread yet, but I must try it because I often have a hard time finding the right thread color.
I just wanted to let you know that I'm halfway through the book Burial Rites by Hannah Kent, that you recommended in your recent book review, and I'm really enjoying it!

Mary Kastner

Great job! I totally agree with the wonky business. I blame my OCD. The block is adorable and it sits up straight!

Debbie R.


Loris Mills

Sweet! I love the country look but kind of like neat symmetry included too :-)

Tracey Holzer

Super cute, Nicole! Great job.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I love anything to do with bees, so I love this block.


I like the symmetry of your work. Practice makes perfect & you're learning your way around that new machine! Good job!


That's the neatest looking beehive block that I've seen online, I don't do wonky either. Great job.

Julie Coburn

Adorable! I appreciate your sharing your steps to make it.

Jennifer Gwyn

I love your block!


it's adorable! love the colors you chose. ;p


I'd say you got the hang of it.


Your bee hive looks great. I am anxious to see the other applique blocks as well. I usually just do needle turn hand applique, so machine applique is not necessarily my favorite thing. I actually turned under the edges on my and then machine blanket stitched it around. Guess some habits are just hard to break

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