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April 04, 2017


Barbara Anne

Great organization for the applique process! It is sure to serve you well. Then ... zip-zap and these blocks will be finished!

Hope Miss E stays well but she certainly looks snug in her Granmmie's chaiir and tucked in wiht a quilt.


Susan Ramey Cleveland

Feel better soon, Miss Eva.

Eleanor K Hunzinger

Can't wait to see this finished. Looking great. I love applique to do it by machine but to each his own. So inspiring to read these blogs. So many ideas. Very exciting! Kay Hunzinger, Phoenix, Arizona


All the prep & organization will pay off when you start putting those blocks together. It's amazing how quickly little ones bounce back when they're sick. Poor thing looks so pitiful in the chair! Eva is lucky to have such a cozy Grandma's house to rest & recover.


poor little munchkin. glad she is feeling better.

about that quilt? i love those fabric colors. that quilt is gonna be awesome! when i need a huge surface to work i use my kitchen table. so much easier to have everything spread out before me.

that quilt is gonna be awesome!


Glad to hear that Eva is feeling better.
Love your star blocks but still if I can avoid appilqué I'll do it;-)


I can see where the divide and conquer method would be best for getting this project done!
I'm glad your sweet girl is mending well under grandma's care!


Poor Eva! It's so sad to see little ones not feeling good, usually their eyes are the giveaway that somethings not right. Glad she recovered quickly!

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