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April 10, 2017


Barbara Anne

You go, girl! I think my eyes would be crossed if I tried to to sew block units that are that small.

Am glad you're having fun!


Betty Meyer

Perfectly done! Just have to tell you that I enjoy reading your blog that is not filled with all the horrific news of the day. It's good to have some happy things to think about.

Tracey Holzer

Beautiful, Nicole. Did you have a good weekend away?


Your tiny pieces are really impressive! Great job on the entire block! I also want to join Betty's acknowledgement in her comment above saying that your blog content is interesting & happy 'news' to think about! Your time & effort are always appreciated.


I love your block! I didn't follow Lisa's cutting instrutions but made my HSTs and flying geese bigger and then squared them up. And it also helped that I pressed all my seams open. Don't get me worng it's great that Lisa has such an amazing tuorial on her block but I know that I feel more comfortable my way.

Mary Kastner

Your block looks great Nicole. I love triangle papers. I think they really do their job!


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