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April 21, 2017



Your block is really cute but I didn't like to make it and Lisa's alternative block had again so many pieces so I've made my own design. I didn't think about the straight/on point setting yet but I think my basket would look okay with a straight setting too. Don't know yet perhaps I'll redo it in the end too.
Have a wonderful weekend:-)


I have the same concerns you have expressed and was surprised that the basket was set diagonal. I am also doing needle turn applique rather than fusible and I don't care for this layered construction technique she is promoting. She gave regular piecing instructions on her first block, wonder why she did not do so on this one. I pieced mine traditionally, but I think some of the newer quilters will have trouble figuring this out.

Loris Mills

Nice re-do! And you are so right. That beehive is way too cute to be turned on its side. I hope there is a better plan.
The layered piecing technique completely eludes me.

pam hansen

I think Lynn was going for a rustic look which is definitely fine but I have to question how satisfied most participants will be at the end of the process if they chose her method.
Makes for great sideline speculation how this will all come together.

Barbara Anne

Perhaps the odd-man -out blocks cane be put in the quilt corners, joined by blocks of your own choosing if the pattern-makers do not provide 4 on point blocks? Just a thoughtHugs!

Mary Kastner

Hmmm, that appears to be a problem. Good thought on your part. Hope somebody has a plan. Have a nice weekend. Sounds like the weather is going to be spectacular!


Tracey Holzer

Well shoot!! I didn't consider the diagonal problem. I plan to set all of my blocks on the diagonal so the straight ones will be my issue, I guess. Thanks for the heads up and I'll have to now consider this the future. Have a great weekend, Nicole. My boys were in Paris yesterday when the terrorism attack occurred and thankfully their group didn't go to the place that the attack happened. What a messed up world we live in!!


First, my heart goes out to Tracey Holzer (above). You must be so worried at a time when your sons should be having a wonderful trip! Nicole, your block will definitely be the odd-man out without a diagonal setting! It will be interesting to watch how the quilt top comes together.

Amy L

I'm following the pieced versions of the blocks too. I also didn't like the HSTs on the basket base. So I added small triangles to the side rectangles, and a large triangle for the base. Same for Carrie's extra Cake Stand block.

gloria g. Walls

I'm with you. Blocks on point are not my thing, especially if all the other blocks are not. She should of designed something up and down.....And I too love that bee hive....Great job. Keep up the good work and we love seeing your progress.......Thanks, gloria g.

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