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April 25, 2017



I just had to let you know that I read Code Name Verity based on your book review and I absolutely loved it! Thank you, now I will definitely tackle more books on your list.

Mary Kastner

Your progress on the quilt is admirable. One gorgeous is coming right along!


Barbara Anne

Well done in making all of those stars and baskets! Thanks, too, for sharing your tips for success in making these blocks.

4+ says of rain here and all is a soggy messs. Glub, glub.



Your baskets and starslook so beautiful together the finished quilt will be stunning:-)
Hope you have a good time with your friend and that you two stay in touch.


I'm in love with this quilt! Can't believe how fast you whipped this out!

pam hansen

Beautiful job Nicole! I must get busy and try machine applique. I would love to use stars in some projects.


I like your basket and star blocks very much.

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