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June 12, 2017


Barbara Anne

Lovely to have a delightful time away with your sweerie! What better that snow to inspire quiet, cozy, time together?!

Hope you had warm clothes with you!

Love your sweet birdie blocks. Methinks I'd not redo the sewing mistaked if the birds look resonably right. Birds to move after all!



Wow! I can't believe all the snow I'm seeing in the news, hard to believe we're supposed to be having three digit weather this weekend.

Tracey Holzer

You fixed it!! Good for you, Nicole. The snow make me chuckle!! Enjoy your time away with your hubby!!


Looks beautiful, even the snow.


Your birdies are so cute!! Love the fabrics!!! SNOW! goodness gracious! :)

Mary Kastner

The birds are adorable. Have fun! Should be 100 degrees by the time you get home! NO kidding!



Glad you were able to enjoy yourselves & the sewing will be there waiting when you get home. I would have un-sewed, too, because I would have seen that reversed fabric every time I looked at the quilt!


Love the bird blocks!

Stephani in N. TX

Glad to hear you are away from heat. We are just moving into that season here in TX.This time last year I went to AK for a break. Wonderful. My computer is acting up, probably exhausted after being moved to a new house and shopping around for cable, bug treatment,furniture, yada yada. Missed you for a few days with slow acting computer so glad I can see your blog again. It's the first one I look at every day. Have fun!

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