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June 27, 2017



Love the red, white & blue decorations! Wondering what are the names of the two table toppers? They are very nice! There have been so many great new quilt books.

Stephani in N. TX

Pretty RWB decor. Great purchases Nicole. I was so busy moving, I'm out of circulation on what's out there. But, I do live closer to one of the biggest quilt shows in TX come Fall. I also just remembered, I haven't seen my RWB cross stitch and wooden stars. H-m-m, where could they be? At least one more half-emptied box in the garage...


I do decorate w/my red, white and blue quilts. Usually I put out Memorial Day and leave out thru July 4th. I haven't even pulled any of these out this year! Usually put away after the 4th and put out summer quilts. Just too much going on :)


Happy Birthday! That is a great stack of Birthday quilts gun. Love Jo Morton and Kim Diehl. I have not tried Amazon for used books but that's a good idea. I love seasonal decorating and just got out my few patriotic decorations yesterday. I'd like a few more to plump up the collection 😁


*quilty FUN--is what I typed!! Stupid autocorrect

Mary Kastner

I need to go dig out the red, white and blue quilts and other stuff. I do like the idea of doing it Memorial Day and leaving it up for a while. I just changed out all the quilts a couple of weeks ago. What was I thinking??? Great book choices!



I love to buy used books or from sellers through amazon. Often it's a great deal so far all the books arrived and sending them back is also not a problem (I did it once because the pattern sheet was missing).
The Jo's Favorites II is great I have it too and already one quilt has caught my eyes and I'll use my treasured The Good Life fabrics for it.
And yes, I also have some USA quilts the Stars and Stripes quilt (pattern by Thimbleblossoms lives year long in my living room) although I'm German but the colors and the stars are just so much better then the Geran ones.


I like your seasonal decor! Putting a flag outside on Memorial Day, Flag Day & the 4th of July is the sum total of decorating that happens here! Hurray for birthday gift cards! It looks like you've made some great choices!

Barbara Anne

Love your new books! My old favorite is "Little Quilts" by Alice Beg and friends and a newer book is 101 Fabulous Small Quilts from That Patchwork Place.

Making little quilts is fun!



yep. i love primitive gatherings, too! ;p


Have you tried for your novels. I find I get a better deal there because the shipping is much less or FREE. Check it out. That being said, I also have a long Wish List at amazon.

Joan S

Happy birthday, Nicole!! Love the quilt books you chose.


I love getting things in the mail and you got some wonderful additions. Your table toppers are wonderful. It makes me want to dig into the stash and pull out some RW&B and get sewing. It will be fun to see what you start creating first. Jo's newest book is on my list.


Happy belated birthday! Looks like you got some good deals! I always buy used books when I can especially quilt books, I've picked some up super cheap on Amazon. Can't wait to see what you pick for your first project.

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