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June 09, 2017



I think the straight setting is stunning too! Hope your fabrics arrive soon so you can finish it. Have a wonderful weekend:-)

Mary Kastner

YOu are amazing. THat is one complex block. looking forward to seeing your conclusion to the setting. Have a great weekend. Don't work too hard!



This one is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it finished!


I really like the straight setting as well but admire your tenacity in getting the quilt to look just as you want it to. Sometimes, in the midst of creating a quilt I become so tired of looking at it that I lose sight of the beauty that drew me to it to begin with. That quilt is going to be a gorgeous when finished!

Tracey Holzer

Is this made with 3 Sisters fabric? Its a gorgeous quilt and I think that you'll be happy that you dug it out again and finished it!! You have a quilt for A Year of Thelma now. I have my daughter's track and field today so no sewing for me today...I'm on a roll with the BH blocks. Have a great weekend, Nicole!!


Amazing how you can more clearly make out the blocks in the straight setting. It will definitely be helpful in color and fabric placement. It will be beautiful when finished!

Debbie R.

Can't wait to see what is sure to be a real beauty!


I think a straight set would have been fine but the diagonal set will take it to the next level. I love your blocks, the fabrics are great. I vaguely remember this collection (3 Sisters, right?); it came out when I was resisting buying fabric "just because" and I hope I don't come to regret that.


I love the soft colors with pops of red. This is going to be a stunning quilt! Good for you tackling it & seeing it through to a finish. You'll be glad you used the diagonal setting when it's on your bed in all it's glory!

Loris Mills

It is looking lovely! Smart move to give yourself a rest with it. Now you can enjoy the process a bit more. Anything with Flying Geese seems to grab my attention. Love them :-)
Are you anywhere near Arnold,CA? I'm headed up there in September for a retreat with Lynn Wilder. Four days of uninterrupted sewing time sounds amazing. I can hardly wait :-)


Wow it is stunning! Well done you for persevering, it was well worth it, beautiful!

Barbara Anne

Well done in putting on your thinking cap (elementary schoold term, anyone?!) and working out the diagonal setting for these blocks. It's a stunner already!!

Big hugs!

Linda Smith

This is a beautiful pattern and the fabric choices look really good together.


So pretty ๐Ÿ˜ Love the fabrics you chose for the quilt! Miss Rosie and 3 Sisters always look good together, at least I think that's 3 sisters ๐Ÿ˜‚ Glad you pulled it out to work on.

Penny Holliday

So beautiful Nicole! I have a family member that makes not nice remarks about my unfinished projects ~ usually not completed because I really don't like after all. She also remarks about my extensive fabric stash/collection but like you I just love gathering fabric at home for a project! I'm especially pleased when I have the perfect discontinued fabric collection to use in a new project!


Gosh that is beautiful! What line of fabric did you use?

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Beautiful. Canโ€™t wait to see the finish. Itโ€™s going to be stunning.

Wendy Currie

I agree, the diagonal placement really makes this quilt sing!!! I like to the of my works in progress as aging like fine wine!! Some projects need to be put aside for a time as we may as well enjoy our hobby and not allow it to cause headaches!


it's beautiful!


It's going to look so terrific.

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