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June 01, 2017



Your garden story was quite the mystery. Almost like a funny cartoon. Are you going to start over? Enjoy your sewing. No gophers there to take away your newest blocks.


Oh how disappointing with the garden. It would be labor intensive to remove all the soil, put down wire or screen, and return the soil. Probably the only way to keep the critters out.
Fabric you can control.

Rebecca Ball

I have the same problem with rabbits from the field behind our house. They also like Hosta and other tender flowers. I have used various repellants - peppery stuff. I put it in the runs of a vole once and it gave up after eating all my lily bulbs. No help here.

Janet O.

How bizarre! At least you witnessed that one disappearance so you had a clue what was happening.
Good reason to spend more time indoors
At least you have "thyme" on your hands--sorry, couldn't resist that one.

Loris Mills

Yep, many a gopher in my past. Even when I planted a sweet apple tree, the root painstakingly wrapped in chicken wire, with tall stakes around the top with plastic mesh over the top to protect from the deer...the gopher or somebody! snuck in through the top mesh and chewed the tree almost like a beaver wood. It didn't topple over but surely died from the abuse. Maddening!


We had a mole show up right after we went to navelts and ordered sod for our front and back yards. Fortunately we were able to postpone delivery of the sod. Such a drag and so frustrating. Our vegetable planter is raised, so we haven't had an issue in that part of the yard. I feel your pain.


Sorry, but I had to laugh when I read your story. Perhaps you can ask in your local nursery if they have an advice for you? We don't have gophers here in Germany so I can't help you.
Did you see the 'mistake' block Betsy Chutchian made? She sew the blocks wrong way together but I like the look so much I've shamelessy copied her.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Sorry ‘bout the garden. I love the leaf fabrics.

Annie Ol

OMG, your poor garden! I had to chuckle at your telling of it, but the destruction is pretty sad! Concentration on beautiful fabric should ease the pain!

Kathleen G

We had that issue too. Raised beds were the answer. These were also much easier for this older body to work with. :-)

Joan Lesmeister

Egads, sorry, I know that's so frustrating, but it is also funny, & laughing is also healthy for us! In-laws battled those naughty thieves for years, and it was always a challenge....growing veggies & coming up with ways to eradicate them! Good thing you have sewing to ease your distress!


damn! you're screwed! gophers are impossible to get rid of. :(

Linda Smith

We've been battling gophers for some time now and we did find one product that usually works. It's called the Black Hole Gopher Trap. We ordered it from Amazon. It's not cheap ($20.00) but it has worked for us.

Just a thought!



I can remember my mom putting the hose down a gopher hose and waiting for him to pop out another hole. She would then whack the life out of him. I can't even believe all these years later she did that but she was pretty steamed. I got a roll of hardware cloth from home depot and used that under my grow boxes. I stapled it down. I am surprised your dog hasn't gone crazy trying to get the interlopers. Good luck with the fight.

Sue Babich

We are having the same problem with grounds squirrels . Last year they would climb our fruit trees then sit near our shed and eat all the plums they had picked and left a pile of seeds !!!!!.. They also ate all of our tomatoes. We put a fine mesh screen under the dirt of your vegetable garden . It does keep them from ruining your garden .


I had to give up planting green beans because all I was doing was feeding the friendly neighborhood rabbit population.


Oh, yes. I have watched disappearing pepper plants, etc. Amazing. I do not do the humane trap thing either. I have a good eye and a good shovel. I also have a good garden. Neither do I transport the tomato worms, squash bugs, etc.
Good luck!
Don't Mess With My Garden Linda

Jo Anna

We had moles like crazy. My husband bought some traps but what seemed to work was some poisoned worm bait you put in a new tunnel. This year, no moles!


I think I would be sick if all my plants disappeared like that. At least you know the cause, but no veggies😩 We grow basil year round on our kitchen window and then plant outside as it gets too big, so you may want to try a few indoor herbs as they're so delicious.

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