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June 21, 2017


Mary Kastner

OMG what a pain in the butt you have on your hands. It is beautiful though and I certainly hope you can finish it and be happy about it. I love the coloring and the blocks. CArry on Nicole. I totally agree about Carrie's patterns. Less is not best with her quilts and I do enjoy all her rhetoric! Good luck with this one.


Barbara Anne

Stay cool first and foremost ! Glad you found more background fabric for Into the Wind because it's going to be a lovely quilt. If you replace a pink block, perhaps the extra pink block can become a pillow ?

Can you move a sewing machine downstairs?


Tracey Holzer

Oh are her Moda patterns different than when they were just Miss Rosie?? I have yet to make one of her Moda patterns and now I'm not looking forward to them. Thanks for the heads up, Nicole. Your Into the Wind will be worth the effort tho when you're done it. Its gorgeous!

Patty Fowl

Hang in there Nicole. Your "Into the Wind" will be well worth all the effort because it is truly beautiful (3 pink flying geese in a row or NOT!). I feel your pain with the heat wave... 116 here in Phoenix yesterday. Spend the day reading instead (or maybe a good movie?)


Reading by a fan would be all I could do in that kind of heat! I'm afraid I'd be 'twitchy' with the pink blocks 'touching!' I agree that Miss Rosie's patterns & Carrie's directions were always so precise--her personal commentary so helpful! Stay cool-ish if you can & drink plenty of fluids all day long!


You're absolutly right one of the best parts about Carrie's patterns and books is her introduction where she 'chats' with you and you have the feeling she's right beside you. Didn't make a Moda pattern yet but I sure would miss Carrie's chatty part.
Love how your quilt looks pink touching blocks or not:-)


Good luck with the heat. Here in NH we complain all winter but it pays off in our glorious summers of 70's and 80's. love this quilt!


I sympathize with you in your heat wave. Hoping that relief comes soon. Now, about this Carrie Nelson business -- I am so glad you mentioned this difference, as I, too, have noticed the change. I have made several of her patterns, large and small, and the newer stuff, while still "Carrie" is noticeably different. Finally, your Into the Wind is absolutely stunning, and I cannot wait to see it finished! I've got a bit of Larkspur fabric stashed away; this makes me want to get busy making one just like yours!


Love how your quilt is turning out! I headed to a quilt shop today to stay nice and cool, it was fine until I got into my car...yikes! I don't know what people are doing that don't have ac. I love Carries patterns and the way she writes them, so will miss reading her funny tips. Stay cool!


Into the Wind may have caused you a little stress, but the outcome is beautiful. Ok, yes you need to make one more block and thank goodness, you found more background, but it's going to be lovely.

Beth F

That is a beautiful quilt! I have some very old Three Sisters fabric that I think I'm ready to cut and sew up, this would be a perfect pattern. Thank you for the inspiration. I'm catching up on blog reading so I hope the heat wave is over for you!

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