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June 23, 2017



Gorgeous! I plan to do some of Lisa's blocks, just haven't attempted them yet. I'm heading to a local quilt store tomorrow to use my birthday discount and 1" Thangles or some kind of triangle paper is on my list of must haves for this trip. I've done the MiniMonday blocks by TMC with 1.5" Thangles and they've worked great so far, just thought it might be quicker to get the smaller ones and save the larger for other projects. Your projects have definitely inspired me to get back into my sewing room!

Barbara Anne

Well done!

Hope it cools off there and everywhere it's too hot.



I love your block it's really beautiful!
I'm so happy that Lisa is always sharing a pieced alternate block instead of the appliqué because I'm way better at piecing then appliqué. You should make the block she shared this week toi because it's fairly easy and really really cute.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend and find some time to sew:-)

Debbie R.

Your alternate patriotic block is terrific. Look forward to seeing more of your finishes soon. Try to stay cool!

Mary Kastner

I like your block. Looks good! The heat is just incredible. I understand your lack of motivation to sew. It is just too hot! Hopefully, a break soon!



I like this block much better than other choice. I haven't begun making these yet but I am downloading pattern each week!!


Nice patriotic theme.

Tracey Holzer

Look at your perfect piecing, Nicole! Wow!! Great job. I hope to get some BH sewing done this weekend. Take care.

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