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July 20, 2017



Yep, same thing on my Instagram account. They stick out like a sore thumb in my list of followers because my account, like yours, is mostly quilting and family stuff. Weird-o's!

Mary Kastner

That is super creepy. Nasty. I hate to look. What the heck! Can you get rid of them? I am such an amateur at this stuff. SO sorry!


Helen storer

This happy to me recntly too, i couldnt believe they woukd be interested in my quikting. Agree it is creepy.

Robby H.

This is pretty common. Although I follow sports as well as quilting and cooking, so I seem to attract ultra-lovely young women. Ha! I block them and if they look really nefarious,I report them and IG will take a look at the account. You can set your account so you get notified when someone new follows you - then you can block them early on and not worry about who is lurking there. (Filed under things I never imagined I need to know.)

Patty F

I kept my Instagram account private but almost every day, I have requests from ,most always, males, to access my account so it makes it rather easy to delete. Keeping my account private isn't ideal but I have some vacation/family photos along with quilting pics so I don't necessarily want the whole world to see. This is quite the world we live in and you cannot be too careful.
Just this last tax season, someone had filed a tax return in our name and SSN (information had been breached SOMEWHERE) with the IRS before ours was submitted looking for a huge return. Luckily the IRS was on to these tricks and they have instituted some safety measures so we were alerted to it before we even submitted our return. The aftermath is a headache though, as all passwords had to be changed, credit reports had to be checked, fraud alerts placed on everything! Be careful and guard your information!!


I had the same thing happen but all of my followers were Arabic. Changed my password and deleted them. Has taken many months to clean up. They keep popping up and ask to be a follower.


How creepy! So sad that spammers can't put their energy into doing some good work and stop harassing people.


Okay that's really a bit creepy. I've checked my account too after reading the some post on IG and surely there are some accounts that makes me wonder why they actually follow me. When I find time this weekend I block them.


Whenever someone new follows me I check their account. If they aren't sewists or nature I block them. ;p

Barbara Anne

No social media for me, thanks. I have enough to keep my happily busy without that.



I don't have Instagram or Facebook but have heard horror stories about 'followers.' Quilt blogs are about the only thing I read regularly. You all be careful out there!


Same thing here! Sometimes I can figure out what led them to my account (like jigsaw puzzles, or cats) -- but there have been quite a few mystery men. I get notified when someone new follows me; guess I should o through the list and block the ones that seem creepy!


Strangely I have had many men trying to friend me on Facebook recently. All are rather good looking and appear to be Arabic or middle eastern with names I cannot begin to pronounce. Because they are strangers I delete them but perhaps I should block them? Such a different & often scary world we live in now.


I have those same followers:


I have been thinking and reading the posts. My big question is who cares? What in the world could they possibly do? They would only be a threat if they interacted with us and we responded.Like a guy at a bar or club or gas station or where ever. I don't think we need to upset ourselves. Simply Block them if you feel threatened. Just like walking away from a stranger ..... don't look back

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