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July 21, 2017


Barbara Anne

Love the quilt that lives with yourformer SIL! It's worthy of remaking in some form. :)

Yoou and Miss E certainly made the most of your waiting-for-the-ftidge day!!!


Mary Kastner

That is such a cute story. EVa is evidently not shy. Good trait to carry! The pictures are wonderful. Such fun! Both my girls are on swim team here so I am spending a considerable amount of time at the pool this summer. I am with you about the quilt - that middle block would be a great table topper. Have a wonderful weekend!



I really love the quilt you've made and yes you should remake it!
What a fun story about Eva's adventures at the pool (sounds like a book title don't you think) and kids this age mostly don't care about the gender. Glad Eva had a wonderful day and perhaps found some new friends.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Loris Mills

What a sweet day with your girl :-) It's fun to hear about it.


Love the idea of a one block table topper! Eva is way too cute too! I love how girls that young just see boys as other friends and don't think about cooties or anything else yet. Love that she beat them too πŸ˜‚


It's hard to believe Eva is already six! She has such self-confidence! That is a wonderful quality for her to possess. May she always feel strong & capable as it will take her far in life! Thanks for sharing the story of your waiting-for-the-fridge day.


What a cute story and thank you for Sharing. We can feel the Pride and Love you have for your precious, Eva. And how wonderful for you to know how 15 years later... a gifted quilt is still cherished. What a very Special Family. 😊 And Two Thumbs up for Eva and her Girl PowerπŸ‘πŸ‘


love it!

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