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September 06, 2017


Barbara Anne




Thank goodness that it finally arrived safely! Glad your husband finally got his clothes too.

Stephani in N. TX

Good things come to those who wait - or - oh, the plans of mice and men. So glad the bag caught up with you. The quilt is GORgeous. Glad hubby got his clothes and necessaries as well. Handsome son whom you love to show you Ireland, now that's priceless!

Robby H.

So glad that had a happy ending. Last Christmas I wanted to take a carry-on bag stuffed with a quilt I was gifting. My husband looked at me like I was nuts since he gets free checked baggage. I reminded him of the hours of work (and skimpy dinners) that went into finishing it. At the last minute, our plane changed and I had to gate check it. I consoled myself with the thought it was such a short separation surely nothing could happen. Sure enough, it was one of the first ones loaded back on the jetway. Glad yours turned out so well, too.

Sherry V.

Oh I am so glad that the story had a happy ending.

Years ago I was in charge of taking my sister's wedding dress on a flight from NJ to Las Vegas. . . . I was a nervous wreck from flying (I am not a fan) and then having to wait for her suitcase. . . . which did not hit the conveyor until all of the other family luggage had been pulled.

I don't know how it could have gotten separated from the rest of our bags but it did finally show up after what seemed like an eternity.

And I can understand not wanting a messy room in a picture. LOL

Have a happy day.


What a saga to begin your visit! Ahren looks well & the quilt is gorgeous on his bed! I had to gate check a carry-on bag with 2 antique quilts to be appraised at a show this year. One of the quilts is well over 125 years old so, although it was a short flight on a smaller plane, I was thrilled to see it on the cart!


Gifts for beloved family are top priority to makers and I can imagine your horror when it didn't appear! Your husband was a good sport. Glad it all turned out wonderfully. The quilt is home!

Tracey Holzer

Its a gorgeous quilt, Nicole. Can you imagine losing a quilt though?? I don't think that I can.

Mary Kastner

OMG! I can't believe you handled that catastrophe so well. I would have been a total wet mess! THank goodness it showed up. It is such a beautiful quilt. That is a story you will never forget.


Oh wow, I'm glad the quilt (and not to forget your hubby's clothes and things) arrived safely. Next time you need to pack a quilt you take on a flight in your carry-on;-)


close call! thankfully, it made it in the end. ;p


The quilt is gorgeous! So glad everything worked out for the best, and now there is an exciting story to go with the quilt.


Thank goodness the bag arrived safely.......


What a relief!


So glad it work out perfectly with just a bit of a delay.

Helen storer

I had a horrendous bag loss tgat involved me touring Ireland with carry on only and promises of my bag meeting up with me but after 4 weeks holiday i gave up. Eventually it was returned to me in Australia 6 weeks later having been all through many airports. My daughters bag went missing on route to San Fran this last decmeber. She was travelling to Cuba and Pureto ricco before joining me in Santa Barbara. She gave up after a few days and it was sent to me about a week later. The joys of travelling. Glad your quilt made it and you had a great time.


I am lucky not to have a want or need to fly but as I read your story I thought 'the quilt' also. I am so glad it is home safe with your son. Your trip looks like a wonderful time for all. Welcome home.

Nancy Watkins

What an adventure! It looks amazing!

Nancy Watkins

And like they say, every quilt has a story.

Jennifer in Indy

Oh my gosh, what an unnerving few days while you waited for the suitcase and quilt to arrive. Glad that it is loved and that it went right on the bed!

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