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September 11, 2017



Love your blocks! I like that you decided on the larger hole on the birdhouse. It makes more sense. I also like your idea of an applique focus block for the center of your quilt. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

Barbara Anne

Well done! It's always better to suit yourself in making blocks and in choosing fabrics.

I read that tea-sying weakens fabric due to the tannins and other chemicals in the tea.


Amy L

Glad I waited to do that bird house. Thanks for the one-hole idea! Maybe you can use that lighter background block for the label.

Tracey Holzer

Looking good, Nicole. I plan on sashing mine with black Kansas Troubles and either gold or red cornerstones...not very creative! I've made 2 of each block, so I've got around 60 blocks now. I need to start adding the sashings and decide how big I want this quilt. Have a great day!

Mary A Winegar

Love all of your blocks. Great job.


I would have changed the lighter background block, too. And, by the time you tea dyed it you could have made another block anyway! Our Florida family members did well in three different locations so we are very relieved! No power right now but safe!

Mary Kastner

The blocks look great! Nice to have you back Nicole. I am glad you are back in your routine (and mine too!). Yes, Florida is certainly on my mind this morning. Hard to believe the enormity of it.



Beautiful blocks! Great that you have so much fun with these blocks:-) Thinking of Florida too.


Glad you're back! As always, I'm really enjoying reading your blog posts!


Nice job Nicole! As always you are very inspiring, I hadn't done the bird or flag applique...but seeing yours all together I think I will. :)

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