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September 18, 2017



It look beautiful!


liking the look of that once you remembered what you were making......

Mary Kastner

Love the middle block and the colors. It is going to be a winner for sure!



You're lucky to have your blog posts to look back on and refresh your memory! Some time ago, I had decided on the "perfect" pattern for a layer cake that I had, but when I went to start on it last week, I couldn't remember what the perfect pattern was. Now I know to put them together right away while it's fresh in my mind.
Your quilt will look great for the autumn season.

Barbara Anne

What a delight this little quilt will be! Eye candy for Autumn!!

I leave a note to myself with the fabrics and it includes the notation of where to find the pattern (book, magazine) or my ideas if I thought up a quilt mysef. That works for me.



Please tell us more about the Bloc Loc Strip Set ruler. Your little blocks are perfect.

Nancy Watkins

Anxious to see the finished top. I tried machine appliquéing with invisible thread years ago and heated the thread. I think I will try it again. Also, I never would have thought of using my magnifying light for this. Thanks for,the tips Nicole!

Tracey Holzer

Super cute! Last week, Sherri McConnell had her fall parade and now you have this fall quilt and so this morning I'm in a pity party cuz I don't have even one fall quilt!! LOL! BH has completely taken over my sewing table and I feel like I need to get that done so I can move on or maybe I'll pack it away and take a bit of a break from it?? How are you keeping your BH fabric organized?? Have a great week! When will you head up to LT again?


Love your appliqué block and yes it happens to me too that I sometimes forgot why and for what projects I made blocks or (even more often) I bought some fabrics for a quilt I had in mind and then forgot all about it.


Where do you get the Ott light? I need it!!!


"...sometimes my memory isn't what it should be." I hear ya' on that one! If it's not on my calendar or a very prominent note there's a good chance I WILL forget! And, that's depending on if I remember to LOOK at the calendar & notes!! Your center appliqué is really pretty. Checkerboards are so cute on a quilt!


I am sure it will be stunning! I too have to review my blog posts sometimes to figure out where I was going!!


Does this lamp make you hot when you sew? I have a smaller one and have wondered about getting this size but wasn't sure if it would create too much heat right up by my face.

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