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October 23, 2017


Arlyn Parker

The same thing has happened with my Janomes-it was a defective foot pedal-easy enough to replace. Good luck!

Barbara Anne

Holy cow! What a kerfuffle with your sewing machines! Clearly, you were not meant to sew that day!! Sorry for the bothers.



I have the same Janome so your issue had me on high alert. I haven't had any problems in the 8 or 9 years I have had it. I only use the Start/Stop button tho' and love it. It took a little getting used to but now wouldn't go back to the foot peddle or the knee lever. Do you remember those?


its the foot pedal, I replaced it (actually my Janome guy did it for free) and it works like a charm now


Definitely not a sewing day!


That is just crazy! Hope you get your machine back quickly! So frustrating!

Pamela Thorne

It is definitely the foot pedal for the little Janome. I have one and several of my friends also. After sewing a bit, this machine keeps on sewing after you take your foot off the pedal. Janome needs to come up with a better foot pedal option for this great little machine.

Betty Meyer

Aha! A great week to get your cutting done!


Wow, scary sewing week. Honestly, new computerized machines are awesome but expensive and finicky! I use an aluminum Singer 301 from the 50s. No belt, just gears so you CANT throw off the timing. They sew on any old thread and have a beautiful straight stitch. Most of my sewing IS straight stitch so I use these machines for most of my sewing. You can find them on Craigslist if you keep watching. I have bought them for $ 30- 50
. Best money I ever spent!


I've had several friends who had to replace their foot pedals a couple of years ago, for the same reason.

Linda B

I keep my machine plugged into a surge protector, and turn the protector off when I leave the sewing area. I have an older Bernina and one day the foot pedle overheated, and in reading online about peoples experiences with this problem on the 830 Record, one of the threads was about the machine starting to sew on its own, and possibly burning up/starting a fire. plugging right into the wall any longer. I sewed on your little Janome in a class this weekend, and it was a very nice experience. Lucky you that you have some backup machines...if my goes on the fritz, it is hand sewing for me! Ha!

Robby H.

Yikes! When it rains, it pours, as they say. Nice to know you like your little Janome Gem. I'd really like to get something lighter than my Bernina for traveling and have procrastinated because I haven't been able to decide what to get. I'll look at this, possible possession issues aside.

Mary Kastner

THis is called a nightmare x 3. Good grief. it sounds so impossible. SO sorry Nicole.



What a frustrating day that must have been! I had to laugh at your description of the deranged Janome sewing machine sewing on its' own. Pretty spooky!

Tracey Holzer

Oh no! Sorry for laughing tho!! Your week is bound to get better!!


If this continues you may need to find a sewing machine exorcist who makes home visits! It does sound like some of your readers have the solution for the runaway Janome foot pedal problem. As they say...'one day this will make a very funny story'...but not while it's unresolved!

Janet O.

My goodness, maybe you weren't meant to sew right now. That is too weird!


Oh no, poor you! Sounds like your fabric fairy is in a bad mood and playing tricks with your sewing machines;-)
But kidding aside I've noticed that your Aurifil spool is pretty new and from my machine I know that sometimes she doesn't like new spools (perhaps they are too fulland therefore it's harder to unroll the thread I don't know). And she really, really doesn't like it if they then lay flat in the machine she likes it better when they stand. Perhaps that helps with the tension issues on your second machine.

pam hansen

Oh my! That is just too much misfortune for any one person to have when trying to sew.


Wow! They say more than two times isn't just coincidence so I'm thinking you have sewing gremlins! Sounds like you've got it under control though, sheesh I wouldn't even have two stars done without any of those problems 😂 Can't wait to see your completed tabletopper!


Omg the gremlins have taken over...... Goodluck


I’m curious to know the exact name of the Bernini 700 series Facebook page. I’d like to follow it.


Damn! you need a sewing machine exorcist!

Susan Denton

I also had my Janome keep sewing when I stopped. My husband took the foot pedal- and cleaned the contacts inside of it. About a year later it did it again. He just cleans those contacts-- nothing fancy, and certainly better than a new foot pedal. Mine is a platnum-- just one step up from the Jem.

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