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October 20, 2017



I'm glad your Remy doesn't have cancer and hope the surgery will go well.
I know the remaking blocks problem if a blockbothers me I always remake it and yes, sometimes it doesn't turn out so great. And yes, sometimes I'm making a block a third time (it's a charm then, right?)
I love your Moda blocks but both times your first ones look better. Although I love the blue bird fabrics in the second block (but the fabrics of the pumpkin in the first block are better).
Wish ou a wonderful weekend:-)


I'm thinking the good thoughts for Remy's surgery. I have a feeling that he's going to be well looked after by his buddy Ozzie. Animals seem to sense when another needs attention.
On the re-do's...yes, no, no. I like the new pinwheels, the second do-over fabric camouflages the block design & the new pumpkin in the third isn't as nicely shaped as the original. In the end, do what makes you happy because there are NO quilt police!

Tracey Holzer

I'm glad to hear about Remy. Exactly one year ago, we were dealing with this with our Maggie girl, but she did have cancer and it was so hard on our family watching her deteriorate for six weeks. Its the hard part of having and loving pets, heh?
I like your new PG block, but I'm with Hildy and like both first versions for your BH blocks. One thing I know well is perfectionism is a bugger and something I've struggled with for way too long. Life is too short.
Have a great weekend, Nicole. I'll be at the hockey rink for the most of it.

pam hansen

Hope all goes well with Remy's surgery. I'm sympathetic about vet bills. Big sting for the pocketbook.
Love the block you posted on Instagram.


Remy is such a cutie! I'm glad to hear that he doesn't have cancer.
It's always a hard call on do-over blocks. But I think that if you're not happy with a block and you have the extra fabric and the time, it's worth doing it again. I do prefer your block with the pinwheels over the stripes, your original Moda blockheads block (even though it's wonky - it has contrast) and your original pumpkin with bird (much nicer pumpkin).

Sherry V.

Glad to hear that Remy "only" needs surgery. At least that is something that can be dealt with a bit easier than the "c" word.

Our Bailey (rescue Westie) is diabetic and has been having a number of issues. . . the worst being arthritis in both back legs to the point where he can go down steps but not up them. Daily meds help with his walking so that is a blessing.

As far as the blocks go. . . .I don't like "do overs" most of the time. But, since most of my quilting is scrappy it does not really matter.

I prefer your original Blockhead block. The pattern is more defined and not as "muddy" as the re-do. But, if there are other blocks in the quilt that have "fuzzy" edges than the re-do might be better in the grand scheme of things.

I also prefer the way the colors read on your original pumpkin block. The re-do just does not seem as "balanced" to my eye based on the picture. But pictures can be deceiving.

I like both of the triangle blocks. . .they are really interesting.

It seems that we are our own worst critics. . .and I had a friend (she passed almost 4 years ago) that was so critical of every seam that she never completed anything.

At her wake there were blocks, partial quilts, and other bits and pieces displayed. The only completed quilt that was there was something that her great-grandmother and grandmother had made.

While I don't plan on going anywhere soon. . .I don't want too many unfinished pieces to be left behind (unused fabric is ok though because I'll never get through it all). . .for someone else to deal with. So, unless I can see a problem from 5 feet away I am not going to worry about it.

Have a wonderful day.


I typically don't answer these type of questions for fear of sounding critical but you did ask. I'm participating in the same blocks and I always love seeing what you are doing with yours. You work is very often an inspiration to me.
On your first do-over, both of them look very nice - Maybe you will decide to use both of them.
On your second do-over I really, really like the left one best. The minimal contrast of the right one appears to lose some of the 1/2 sq points. I think starching and blocking of the left block would make you happier with it.
I'm loving the first pumpkin the best.
So sorry to hear about Rem. Our fur-babies are like part of the family and their health is important to us. Wishing you the best is getting him well.


My last Golden retriever had to have knee surgery. (luxating patella) She did awesome and went on to live a great life. I wish the same for Remy.

Mary Kastner

Glad to hear Remy is cancer free but still has a challenge ahead. Your blocks always look so good to me BUT if you aren't happy with them, you probably would just focus on them every time you look at the quilt! I am trying to get some control in the quilt room right now. Totally overwhelmed! Have a good weekend.



Thankful your pup is going to be OK. I think it all depends on the effort and the result. I prefer the 1st block in the second redo, more contrast.

Michele Klein

Hope your pup has a great recovery from surgery.
Re-do's are a sometimes in my world. If it is really bad, then yes. I think we are our own worst critics. Once the quilt is completed will anyone notice that it is a hair off somewhere? Probably not.
I do like the like the first Moda Blockhead better. I think you lose the design with the leaf motif fabric. And I like the rounder pumpkin!
Have a great weekend.

Barbara Anne

So happy Remy just needs a fix-it surgery to be right as rain once more. Wishing him and those who love him, well.

As to the block re-makes, I like the pinwheel center in the first pair, methinks the busy leaf pattern hides the pattern too much in the 2nd pair, and I like both pumpkin blocks because pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes.

Do what pleases you!


Sharon Tucker

Set aside the potential "do over" block. When you have all your blocks done, and up on the design wall, then decide. I bet once you get away from the block for a bit, it will be just fine and you might not even know why you didn't like it! If it still nags at you, then do it again.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

So happy that Remy’s condition isn’t as bad as you feared. I know what a big chunk of our hearts our sweet furbies occupy. Sorry he has to go through surgery and wish him and all of you the best.

Denise Copeland

Does the sweet pup have an ACL or CCL tear by any chance? I am fostering a dog (who we soon will be adopting) who has an old ACL tear. I wanted to find another option for her instead of surgery. I feel very fortunate to have a vet in our area that does micro-current therapy. It is very rare to find someone who does micro-current therapy on dogs. As a coincidence, my MIL's dog tore his second ACL three weeks ago, the same time we got this little foster. She was going to stay with us for a month so her dog could receive care from this vet. However, I was able to find a resource within driving distance for her. She has been thrilled - especially since this is the second ACL tear in under a year. Fifty percent of dogs who tear an ACL and who have surgery will have a tear in the other ACL within a year. My vet tells me that a torn ACL is not painful, they limp or hold up their leg because of instability. The micro-current therapy builds back the strength and stability. After a tear occurs, scar tissue forms and actually helps with the stability (instead of surgically adding a plate or other device). My MIL's dog is also doing water therapy. Her therapist charges 50.00 a session and after five sessions, they will do an XRAY to evaluate the progress. I am paying 85.00 a session. I am delighted because she is showing improvement without the pain and risk of infection associated with surgery. They get outstanding results in dogs who have a partial tear - even with big dogs...dogs who compete in jumping off docks. Both my foster and my MIL's dog have complete tears. However, my vet believes we can get her to 85% - and I am happy with that. This week after my foster's treatment, she did a little dance. (I am restricting her activity just like I would if she had surgery.) My MIL's dog chased his tail after his first treatment - he had never done that before. It seems that both are responding well to the treatments. Nicole, if it is an ACL/CCL tear, I would explore other approaches other rather than opting immediately for surgery.
And if the dog does not have an ACL tear, recommend a do over and just forget the above!

Kathy Czuprynski

I am so happy for you that Remy will only need a surgery and does not have cancer. Oh! What we do for our sweet little pets!


I am so glad Remy doesn't have cancer. My Maggie had to have two ACL surgeries this past year and a half. My local vet wanted close to $2,000 apiece. I took her to Dr. Jeff of Rocky Mountain Vet fame and they did each for $600. They are only about an hour away from my house. Lots of people come there from all over the country.


So glad Remy doesn't have cancer but sorry he's going to need surgery. We had a similar situation but with out cat this past summer. She's 13 and just started limping one day, we think she must've hurt herself outside. Anyways, they did X-rays, no cancer, but gave her steroids which was to help her heal faster. It seemed to work for her, in fact she didn't even take all the medicine they gave us. You might want to get a second opinion to see if there is an alternative to a pin. Oh and it seems like whenever I redo blocks I'm only successful half the time. I liked all of your first blocks better, but also liked the pinwheel one too.


Someone once told me that not all quilts are perfect, and to reach perfection, there will be heartbreak. Each quilt will have a personality, quirks and all. I can live with points not exactly matching, but I can not live with the point being flat. In your three examples, I would have probably left 2 out of 3 alone.

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