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November 21, 2017


Barbara Anne

Well done on those many charming barn stars!

We have a similar simple Thanksgiving menu as it's a traditional with us and that's just fine.


Tracey Holzer

Your barn stars look absolutely perfect! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Nicole. Do you have your credit card ready for Black Friday sales??

Mary Kastner

The stars are really pretty. I am looking forward to seeing the end result. Glad you are enjoying your new machine too. I am heading to the grocery store with a long list this morning. I think I will wait for tomorrow to cook anything in advance for Thursday. I have gotten very simple in my cooking these days so I am like you about the holiday. Not a big deal just more volume! Happy Thanksgiving!


Robby H.

Those stars are going to make a gorgeous quilt. I cook a lot for groups at our church and the thing that throws me about Thanksgiving is all the people who are busy "helping" by moving things I've put into position for use, or simply crowding up the kitchen. My BIL put all the potato peels down the disposal one Christmas after I told him not to. "Nah, that's what a disposal is for.", right before he called a plumber.


I can't take my eyes off the yellow/gold & the turquoise blocks! They're definitely my favorites! Hope they get placed next to one another! Your table looks very festive & the menu is what Thanksgiving should be! We have 14 at our table. We do 2 turkeys & everyone brings something to share.

pam hansen

So happy your 440 is working beautifully. I did not know they were no longer being made.
The fuss at my house is about getting it clean.
I feel as if I have to clean my drawers, cupboards and windows before guests come. I don't like chores but do like the results.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with your family and dear ones.


Love your barn stars and your table looks beautiful.


I haven’t commented here in awhile, but I do enjoy reading your posts...thank you for sharing your sewing and letting us peek inside your life. So sorry about your B740, I have one too and I hate to hear that such a major problem could occur! So glad you love your new machine, may have to look into it for a backup. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving - happy holidays to you and your family!


This will be one of the 1st Thanksgivings I am not with my extended family. It will just be Hubster Daughter #2 and I, instead of the 50+ family members back home. We are smoking a whole chicken and making ribs. DD has requested mashed potatoes though, she rarely makes home made mashed pots living on her own. Lovely table.


Wondr up blocks and a wonderful table setting. Oh, I've done the potato peel thing too. Enjoy your time with family. Happy Thanksgiving.


Sorry about my typo...Wonderful blocks!

Marylou Hansen

I bought my QE 440 used also. I had previously owned a low end Bernina which truly impressed me. I love the 440 but I have not yet tried the stitch regulator. Maybe after I retire.
I love love the barn blocks!

linda townsend

I know all about potato peels and garbage disposals. My husband cringes at big dinners, just wondering what can happen to the plumbing system.


Oh, how well I remember the Thanksgiving when I did the same thing. Who knew potato peels were so dangerous! I stacked my all my dishes in the shower until the plumbing was fixed the next day. According to our plumber, it is the most common Thanksgiving disaster. Hope yours is good this year!

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