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November 28, 2017


Barbara Anne

I'm delighted you and your family had a lovely Thanksgiving together! Congratsulations to Sara and her new hubby, too. :)

Well done on this sweet wee December quilt. How marvelous that you can get Ahren's advice from afar!

I finished the queen size AA quilt top yesterday and will have left cataract surgery today. Do pray!


Mary Kastner

You are way ahead on Christmas. Good for you and hopefully you will be able to enjoy the season even more. Your little quilt is very sweet. Looking forward to seeing your Christmas decor.



Ahren was right, I like the gold center better. It is going to be an adorable little quilt. I am no where near being ready for December... ugh!

Tracey Holzer

I agree with Ahren and the gold centre. Where did you start with assembling those squares and where did you start?? Have a great day, Nicole!!

Tracey Holzer

Where did you start and how did you continue? Sorry about that.


The turkey on the grill looks so juicy & delicious! I agree with Ahren about the center white square. The final gold one looks more 'natural' in its place. Ready or not, December is right around the corner!

choc chip sally

Great small quilt ready for the December decorating!!

Congratulations to Sara and her new hubby!!


I love your little table topper and didn't even realize that the center is different now. But Ahren is right it looks better with the golden square.
Congrats to Sara and her new hubby!

Karen Johnson

That turkey looks delicious. Your son was right, the gold center looks better than the white.


love beautiful. Ahren does have a good eye. The gold center is perfect. Enjoy the lovely weather! ;p

Sharon Tucker

Good eye, Ahren, it does look better! Glad you are getting ready for the holidays. I can't wait to see your decorating, it may be a good motivator for me!

Mary L. Bolton

Gold center was the way to go! Lovely!


You know, my kids are my best critics, too. hmmm... I hope we get to see the end of your counter where these vignettes are located - I'd love to see it in its space. Nice finish!


What a lovely way to spend Thanksgiving. With all those tiny squares laid out, I think I would have probably knock them out of place. I agree, the gold center was a better choice.

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