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November 14, 2017


Barbara Anne

How utterly charming "Simple Folks" is and I love your chosen fabrics! Well done on your Featherweight, too!

I suggest opening all cabinet doors and drawers in the room where your books should be, then take your time scanning the contents. Also, listen to your little voice that will draw your attention to the books you seek. Good luck!


Robby H.

The number of things that have gone missing because I "put them in a safe place" is legion. Good luck with the hunt. Meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy this charming little quilt at the top of this page.

Mary Kastner

IT is really cute. I am glad to hear you are surviving. The books will show up. I am sure of it. ASk me how I know.


Nancy Watkins

What a sweet little quilt this is! Oh boy, the same thing is happening to me since we moved. I remember putting things in a "safe" place and now I can't find them! It is so frustrating but they do eventually turn up, although I'm still waiting.......

Carolyn Ensminger

Just had this same problem with my son's birthday card...bought the perfect card early, set it aside someplace safe and when his birthday rolled around on Sunday, had to buy a new one because we couldn't find it anywhere! Oh well, I'm sure it will be found by Christmas...maybe! I hope you find your books. I haven't managed to put mine away yet, they're hanging out on my sewing table, where I do much more browsing than sewing! I love this little quilt!

Tracey Holzer

2.5 inch pinwheels??? Oh my!! Super cute tho. I cleaned out my KD fabrics last week from my Jellystone quilt. I'm sure that I have enough to make 3 quilts!! Geesh, let me know if you run short cuz I have more than enough to share!!


Featherweights are 'little work horses', as they say! That topper looks wonderful & I'm hoping you find those books & get to make some more on your great little Singer!

Janet O.

I just adore this little quilt!
Oh, my--I hope those books turn up soon. I hate it when I put things away thinking I will remember where I have tucked them--and then I don't.
Really hope the house cleaners didn't have anything to do with it, and that they are just somewhere unexpected.


Cute little project! I wonder if your featherweight is up to the challenge to quilt it. Just straigth line quilting nothing fancy I think it could be done.
Hope you find your books soon I currently looking for a magazine and I swear I put it someplace 'safe';-)


I HATE it when I can't find things that I know I've seen or put someplace. It seems as if I spend half my time looking for things.

I reorganized my sewing room a few weeks ago and found several things I had been looking for...things that I got frustrated about and purchased replacements for. ;p

Stephani in N. TX

My straightening up for cleaners or last minute company is open drawers and doors, shove it in. Very difficult to keep up where my stuff is when I do that. Good luck, you know they didn't walk away.

Jennifer in Indy

I just love this small quilt! Was it a kit or did you pull the fabric from your stash? If it’s a kit, I am going to have to find one. Hope you’ve located your books by now. I’ve had that happen more than once and always find them in a very strange place!

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