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November 20, 2017


Barbara Anne

I'm delighted that you're delighted with your "new" 440 and love your cute new table runners.

Will take your advice and keep my eye out for a QE440 for myself.

Enjoy your retirement!


Tracey Holzer

Retired?? How awesome!!! Enjoy this new season in your life, Nicole!! I printed off Township, but I never did make it.

Nancy Watkins

Congrats Nicole....I know you will love having more sewing time! Your little table toppers are so darn cute. Love your new machine, maybe some day.......

Robby H.

So glad you've got a machine you are really enjoying. That 740 better watch out, or it may turn out that absence doesn't make the heart grow fonder.

gloria g. Walls

good for you girl.....keep up the good work.....Happy

Mary Kastner

Yeah! I was so happy you bought this gem. the quilts are so cute. I love Carrie's house pattern. Last year I made Halloween houses. I love the Christmas ones. HUm....



I too downloaded previously and still haven't gotten to it and yours makes me want to run upstairs and start. But, since I can't walk at the moment (hopefully hip will improve before long!) I can only dream. Any tips on your quilting? Walking foot? SL? etc? Thanks, Nicole, love you posts and sharing your projects. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Annie O

Congrats on retiring--I've got another decade at least before I get there! Eva has a wonderful Grandma to play more with. Love the table toppers pretty sure I downloaded that cute pattern before. Glad you're having a blast with your new/older Bernina 😀


You sound re-energized & upbeat about your new-to-you Bernina! What a difference a couple of weeks make! Congratulations on joining the retired world! Eva will be the winner in that wonderful deal! Pretty soon you can start her on learning to sew!

Janet O.

The little quilts are sweet. Thanks for the link to the pattern.


Your little table runners turned out great! I'm happy for you that you and your new sewing machine are a dream team after all your trouble.
Enjoy your new freedom with your retirement!

Penny Holliday

Such cute little quilts! Now I'm so happy for you! A well deserved happy ending to such a disturbing situation! It was so upsetting to me to read what happened to your beautiful top of the line Bernina ~ especially that you had to pay expensive shipping for warranty work of a new machine! Your husband is just the best!!


Glad you like it. That’s the machine I have although I bought it brand new many years ago. It has never failed me.


Good luck with the repairs on your big Bernina - I hope you have it home soon. I had a Bernina 830 from 1978 until the 440's came out and I bought a "shop sample". My 830 still runs like a dream and I'm thrilled to bits with the 440. These are the only two sewing machines I've ever owned for general sewing and patchwork.


The 440 is a great machine! It's a reliable workhorse. Mine became a backup machine when I got my 780 but it does everything I need it to do. Love the projects you're working on and hope your other machine is fixed and back home soon!

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