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December 05, 2017


Mary Kastner

ONe step at a time Nicole. It sounds like your Mom was giving you a gentle reminder. Take care!



I'm glad you got some relief at the doctor's office! Don't over-do on those stairs!


Glad your doctor could help you and that you are feeling better now.
Love your little star blocks:-)

Debbie R.

I hope you are feeling better soon.

My mom has gout, and her mom had it too. Am hoping I won't be next ... but genes being the way that they are, it's a strong possibility.

Rest that foot. Sew if you can. And watch your diet.


I saw that cartoon and almost sent it to you! Get well soon!

Melody A.

take it easy, don't overdue it, us humans seem to do that a lot!! LOL speedy recovery. take care from Iowa

Nancy Watkins

Glad you are on the mend. Listen to mom because mother's know best!


Reason #1899 why you should have a sewing room on 1st floor. ;p

Glad you're feeling better.


Hope the medication helps quickly. I think the coincidence of your ailment and your mom's birthday is no coincidence at all! :0)

Penny Holliday

Hope the prescription continues to help! Take it easy Nicole & "listen" to what your body & your mom are trying to tell you!


I hope you're feeling better soon!

Cathy Huber

Gout pain can be eased by drinking tart cherry juice. I had my first episode of gout when I was 14. And my husband suffers from it also.

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