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December 01, 2017



Cute pineapple blocks. Shabby Fabrics has a great video for using the pineapple trim tool also. I used it when making pineapple blocks for a sew day recently.

Barbara Anne

What wonderful wee blocks and I admire your determination! Love the fabrics, too!


Panto Pam

Beautiful blocks! I was a Pineapple Trim Tool flunkie until I watched Jenny's video and then it clicked. I am working on a 10" version with 1930's reproduction fabrics. Like you, I would love to make a smaller version like yours in my civil war fabrics for a table runner. I also love the Log Cabin Trim Tool and have made two lap quilts and given them to my good neighbors. Thank you for all your beautiful quilt posts that keep me inspired to keep making!

Mary Kastner

A wonderful block. I am coming back later today to carefully read your tips and go see Thelma and the tutorial. Thank you so much for this! Need to explore those tools as well. have a great weekend Nicole.


Tracey Holzer

Gorgeous, Nicole! Thanks for the Thelma update. I was on her blog last nite wondering where she was lately. I made great progress on Jellystone #2 yesterday. I got my mistakes corrected and I've started putting 2 of the 4 bear paw blocks together. And it hasn't cost me a dime yet either! Happy sewing!


I love your pineapple blocks! I've made some for the Long Time Gone sampler and while I love the look of the blocks I know I'll probably never make a whole pineaplle block they are just so time consuming. Have a great weekend (BTE did you hear something about your sewing machines?).


I've been wanting to make a pineapple quilt for quite a while now. I put this template as a suggestion w/one of my daughter's for Christmas. I so hope I get this!! :)

Michele Klein

Just got my mini Pineapple tool in the mail...a Black Friday gift to me! Can't wait to try it as I have hoarded some charm packs that I need to use! I'll be sure to watch a tutorial before I tackle them. Have a great weekend!

Stephani in N. TX

Love pineapple blocks, yours are so-o pretty. I looked at Thelma's Instagram photos. I wondered where all my favorite quilters creative photos went. Not so much on blogs these days. Anyone who takes on Jen Kingwell is top of the heap in my book. Love her quilts but just not ready for all that tiny just yet. Thanks for the peak into your colorful quilt world, and Thelma's, and Jen's. Just started putting out Christmas. Can't find two favorite quilts. Darn. There's 30-40 finished quilts here in my new house, but I confess to not being able to lay my hands on every single thing. I bought a new very large, very rustic dresser for the sewing room that now houses my 60 flimsies. That's probably my first quilting chore, finding a new LAQ, and possibly doing some of my own. If I ever catch up to myself. Have family nearby now, so there's always something going on. Not so much quilting, but life has gotten a lot more fun.


I've always liked the look of pineapple blocks but have never tried them. Your look really good.


Nichole, thanks for all of the sharing that you do on your blog. Inspirational. Also like that you share when things don't go perfectly - encouraging.. Can you tell me how wide the plain log sections finish?


Your blocks are so pretty & totally free makes them even better! I took a peek at Thelma's...way beyond my pay grade!!! I admire your skill & patience to take on such a 'fiddly' block, then master it!! Congrats!


I found the marti michel pineapple tool to be amazing for those tiny blocks


These are lovely blocks! I love the colors

linda townsend

I made a queen-sized quilt with the larger Creative Grid pineapple quilt ruler. I finally bought a book by the woman who invented the ruler. It had clearer directions. I also decided to not use a steam iron with the blocks. In the end, I got in a groove, and I enjoyed the process. I will be entering the quilt in our quild's show. I am sure I won't win any ribbons, but I could win one for persistence. I think I will do another one. It is a bit like childbirth.

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