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December 11, 2017



Looks like a great house. I especially love the roof shingles - they're so pretty!

Barbara Anne

Good tip to usee the glue gun and it's a delight to see a budding artist at work! Eva clearly has a wonderful imagination and good color sense already! Great roof, too. :)
Wishing you well!


Mary Kastner

That is so cute and what a great idea. Glue gun to the rescue. It looks like she had a great time!



"It isn't as if we're going to eat the thing..." That's so funny! Eva looks totally focused on her house decorating task, so well worth the extra time waiting for the glue to dry! Feel better soon!


Cute house but honestly I would love to eat some of it and therefore a glue gun would be my first choice.

Robby H.

Oh my, if only I had known that glue gun trick when my nieces were little! I have eaten part of a gingerbread house before and... meh. Use the glue gun and make some separate tasty cookies.


Fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing. Eva did a great job.


Eva is too cute! Love her decorating skills! I think thicker icing works too and I think I saw somewhere that they used white caulking for holding the crackers in place especially if they're not going to eat it.


Glue gun? I guess it makes sense but I always figured those houses DID get eaten. ;p

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