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December 04, 2017


Barbara Anne

Big hugs to you as you remember your dear mother today. (((hugs))))

Love your wizard wee Pineapple table runner! Applause!!

How marvelous to have found the Kathy Schmitz Christmas fabrics lurking in the drawer. Sweet!

Yes, your littlecandle mat sings "It's Beginning to lookk a lot like Christmas"!!

Bother and bummer about your painful foot. Wishing you a helpful, effective method for pain relief.

Mary Kastner

MY son had some gout attacks. he hasn't had one for a while but I will ask him what he did to make it go away. There are diet tricks. Maybe go on the internet and check it out Nicole. I know it hurts like hell. Hope you get rid of it soon! You are on such a roll with beautiful quilts. nothing should interfere!



My dad would have been 97 today. He’s been gone 20 years but I miss him still.

Hope you feel better soon!

Rebecca Ball

there are good gout medications now. You might want to think about seeing a Dr. before you get permanent joint damage. Gout doesn't have to be awful anymore.

Nancy Watkins

Oh Nicole, sorry about the gout. I had that once and it was no fun. I had to get a prescription from the doctor to get rid of it. I would love to find a good home remedy if it ever returns. Your pineapple quilt is so pretty but I am in love with your little table mat! Get well soon!

Tracey Holzer

I'll sure take that pineapple runner for my Christmas gift from you, Nicole. Unreal gorgeous!! What are those fabrics?? Take care of yourself.

pam hansen

Your pineapple blocks are gorgeous and I can see that making them becomes addictive.
I certainly believe that sewing does one's mind away from discomfort. At bedtime though main management becomes an issue. I use Salonpas to help me with arthritis in my hands and feet. Wish I lived close by as I would drop off a package for you to try.

Janet O.

Beautiful pineapples--such rich colors!
Very sweet candle mat.
My Dad dealt with gout at times, and I have had one attack. Such sudden onset, and the pain! I thought I had broken my toe somehow! Hope you get relief soon!


I love your cute little pineapple table runner so sweet.
And what a lucky 'find' of Kathy Schmitz fabrics it's really perfect for Christmas.
I'm sorry that your mum already passed away I'm sure she misses you too and is always with you.
I know my dad had a gout 'attack' (if you can call it that) a few years ago and his doctor gave him something and everything is okay since then. Perhaps you should visit your doc and ask if he can give you some medication and advice.


Two 'discovered' charm packs have to relieve your gout pain a tiny bit, right? The pineapple runner & the little mat are very festive looking! Feel better quickly--and, I personally hope that Chardonnay is NOT the root cause of gout! Heaven help us if it is!!!!!!

Penny Holliday

Oh I love the quilts you make & your Christmas decorating ~so beautiful!If you think you have gout please go to Dr asap. I had an attack a long time ago & a prescription really helped me with the pain, such relief! Also the meds helped get rid of the gout! Take care!

Mary Lines

Colchicine. Ask your doctor for some. The pain will go away almost immediately.

Barbara Stommel

I developed gout in January and was miserable! My son recommended black cherry juice, which I drank and the gout cleared up on it's own. Now I take black cherry extract capsules and have had no recurrence. Worth the try, don't you think?


I love those pineapple blocks. I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to pineapple quilts bc it's on my list of quilts to make!

Gout? ouch. You should see the doc instead of suffering through the holidays. I don't know what they prescribe but I know 2 people who said it made all the difference in the world.


Maybe a trip to the Dr for the gout. Love the fabric


Glad to read you are starting to recover. Such a painful time for you. 4 December was my mother's 90th birthday and we're very fortunate that she is so well and still "with it". she had a wonderful couple of days partying but she's worn out now.

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