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December 15, 2017



You're a great grandmother! I'm looking forward to seeing what you and Eva create.

Mary Kastner

What a great idea. I haven't ever worked with polymer so look forward to hearing about it. The quilt is adorable. I always appreciate a quilt loving person. Very satisfying to give a gift of love to. Have a great weekend!


Barbara Anne

Love the finished Round Robin table topper and it's wonderful it has gone to a good home!

Cheers for your plan to save the day for the upset Miss E. She will remember this ornament project forever!



Such a cute little quilt and your son in law has great taste.
Can't wait to see what ornaments you and Eva make. I've bought a cute little koala for my tree this year it was just too cute not to buy it.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Robby H.

I think the two of you will have a great time making new ornaments and memories.


It sounds like you're feeling better! Nana to the rescue & my guess is those Sculpey ornaments will be used for years to come! The table topper is beautiful!


How good of you to find an alternative homemade gift! Those were always my cherished ornaments from the kids. My favorites were the little handprint ornaments, or the bread dough ornaments where you can paint them and then glue their little picture in the middle. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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