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December 14, 2017


Mary Kastner

Your packages look beautiful and the quilt is very cute. I was thinking yesterday about next year quilting goals. I think I need to think big quilts for a change. Scrappy big quilts. A lot of Jo fabric to make a dent in. You two are old timers like myself and my husband. Got married in 1972. hard to believe isn't it! Hope you feel better Nicole.


Barbara Anne

Scarlet Stars is a charmer and what a delight to find it ready to sew up!!

Love your cheery gift wrap. I, too keep it simple with just a ribbon wrap and bow around the package.
What a sweet story about your first meeting with your honey!

Wishing you WELL!



What a sweet story! Your packages look wonderful! I had the same crud, hit me the day after Thanksgiving and it's finally over. I spent Thanksgiving weekend on the sofa and went to work after that, but couldn't do anything else. I'm so far behind there's no way I'll ever catch up in time for Christmas! I love all of you little quilts you've been making. I'm on my third Township quilt which I plan to make into pillows for my daughters and DIL...yes for Christmas! One has to be shipped to Florida...need to finish that one soon! Help!

Nancy Watkins

What a sweet little quilt! No tape, hmmmm, just ribbon? I like that idea! Get well soon Nicole!

Michele Klein

Sorry to hear you have the crud. Why does "just a cold" make you feel like you want to crawl under a rock and die?
I have a whole years worth of Kim's Whatnots to do...maybe next year.
Love your gift wrapping. In recent years I've opted for bags...quick and easy and reusable!
Feel better soon!


You seriously hit the quilt jackpot when you found that one already cut out! I so enjoy reading about the long-lasting marriages among your readers! We celebrated 46 years in November & it's nice to know there are similar stories out there! Glad you were able to get your packages wrapped but try not to over do so you're well for Christmas!

Patty Fowl

Despite not feeling well, you are really managing to be productive! Loving all your Kim Diehl table toppers/runners/small quilts. And this latest one looks to be perfect for Valentines' Day! Personally, I need a tutorial in ribbon trimming for gifts... Hope you are feeling much better very soon!


Love your cute little mini!
Your gift wrapping looks great! I'm glad that in my family we never wrap the gifts (less paper to throw in the bin) and I never even thought about hidden the tape. How does that? I know I don't have time for this in my life.
49 years of marriage? Congrats that's really impressive and I hope there are a lot more gfor you both.


I can believe it was 49 years ago...when was the last you saw a wrap girl in a store :) much less an actual clerk (as I was in college). I am also in over the cold mode AND finishing up the wrapping. My mother was a master wrapper (it is quite the story) so I jazz my packages up...a lot of thrill for a pair of socks. I am killing myself to finish up Christmas so I can enjoy the time after quilting...I love the little mini quilt. Something I could do in a couple solid days. With my kids at home.

choc chip sally

I always thought it would be fun to be the gift wrap girl... now you can hardly find them anymore! Congrats on all of your 49 years as a couple. My hubby and I just had our 33rd anniversary.

Your newest Kim Diehl mini is so sweet - as are the others that you've managed to whip up in the last 2 or 3 weeks!

pam hansen

Great story on how you met your husband. I envy you in having gifts all wrapped as I have yet to do one.
Feel better soon!


Such a sweet story of how you met your hubster. I met mine in the hospital were we both worked doing a dressing. Our first movie was The God's They Must Be Crazy. I thought he had taken me to a documentary. Hope the cold gets better in time for Xmas

Robby H.

What a sweet story about your meeting. I'm a bit of a utilitarian wrapper, too. I used to be a little more fancy, but that was before I ended up being in charge of so many other things in life.


Love your topper and what a great story! No way would my husband give me a book of poetry, but it's been 29 yrs so I guess he's a keeper 😂


ahhhh, such a sweet way to meet each other. make sure and tell Eva that story. That's one she'll hold onto when she is grown with children of her own. ;p

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