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December 06, 2017


Mary Kastner

Glad you are feeling a lot better. Your house looks lovely. Can you walk well enough to come do mine??πŸ˜€


Barbara Anne

Good news that you're feeling better and may be up and around tomorrow! Cute pjs and mug, too!

Love your decorations!

Now that my 2nd cataract surgery is over (as of yesterday), perhaps I can dcorate here.



Perhaps, although extremely painful, this was your sign to rest & relax for a few days. Your Christmas decorations are beautiful to look at while you're on-the-mend. πŸŽ„β˜ƒοΈπŸŽ

pam hansen

Happy you are better.


Glad you are feeling better and the meds are helping. Love your holiday decorations:-)


Lol matching tea cup and pjs.... Pretty decorations.....hope your running around soon......

Liz A.

Don’t know if anyone has told you or not, but one thing that helps gout is a low purine diet. We owned Dalmatians for 25 years and they were prone to high uric acid and crystals in their urine, very similar to gout. To help avoid the problem we had to feed them a low purine diet, the same diet that is used to help treat gout.

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