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December 19, 2017


Chris Wells

I read your article from the other day. I have always cut strips and also squares. Mostly in the 2 and 2.5 inch squares. I keep about 200 of the different sized 4-patches and 300 of the 9-patches sewn ahead. Lots of patterns I use are adaptible to scrappy looks and I have these on hand to start. I do an leader ender sewing and sometimes I just need to sew and if the pieces are cut I just go to town. The strings or strips I cut can always be subcut if I run out of squares. I find if I cut 1.5 inch strips they are great for string blocks, piano keys and also used for mini hexie EPP's. Add a handful of newly cut strips off and on and your variety will always keep going. It is a different thinking way, but as you become acustom to doing it it will be second nature to do. A friend always buys 1/2 yard cuts of fabric and then subcuts to a fat quarter piece she puts away and cuts the other part into strips and squares. Then if the need is there she has more of that fabric set aside. Choose a method and enjoy your sewing with the creatie side more. Chris


Brilliant idea for 2018! Perhaps everyone with a "scrap collection" should join you. It's amazing how small bits of a fabric you might find unattractive can fit right into a scrap quilt and look fine. I've made an orange peel quilt with scraps but that's my only one so far. I think I may do a nine patch or the scrapbuster block found here

Mary Kastner

Love Carrie's nine patch. I can't wait to see yours!



I have been making scrap quilts for the last several years. I have made several from wedding dress as well as frommycarolinahome blog. I have made mystery quilts and my favorite-Arkansas Crossroads . I have made a few Bonnie Hunger quilts too.

I think I now love scrappy quilts more than planned ones. I do not have a scrap saver system except to group by color. I would hate to cut my pieces into strips and find that I needed 4" squares.

Barbara Anne

Loose Change is the perfect quilt for using up those scraps! I amy give this some consideration and I cannot wait to see your version - before February 1st, no doubt, because you are the Queen of Fast Quilt construction!!



Since I have mostly 2 1/2” strips, I’m considering doing scrappy trip around the world blocks constructed with Bonnie Hunter’s technique. Should be a colorful quilt that I can pick up and work on when the mood strikes!


I don't do scrappy quilts but have friends who do. I save all my scraps and give to them. That way their quilts don't end up looking the same from using just their scraps.


Such a wonderful quilt I can't wait to see yours!


I use jelly rolls quite often & those plus 2 1/2" strips of scraps make quick & easy Jelly Roll Race quilt tops. I go to retreat three times each year (lucky me, right?) & someone usually asks for everyones scraps by the time we leave. For sure, I'll use scraps piecing my quilt backs, if nothing else!

Debbie R.

What a great discussion! And I love your theme for 2018. Use it up is good! For me, I think I need something double-barrelled. Use it up, finish it up!

I do save scraps -- anything one inch or bigger. Sorted by colour. And I do sew the extra seam for those bonus half-square triangles.

How do I use those scraps? Well, my dream is to make a scrappy quilt. But for now, I use them to make the monthly block for my local quilt group. Eighteen of us do one twelve-inch block each month, in an agreed-upon colour scheme. And then each month two people get together and make a quilt top from those blocks. When quilted, we donate the quilts to the chemo department at our local hospital, and they are given to patients. So our scraps go to great use!

Thanks for this interesting, lively and inspiring discussion. Go, scraps, go!


I love 9 patches! I also love 16 patches! Ok, I love it all. ;p


This is great - I feel overwhelmed by my scraps but you have inspired me to make something with them!

But what does the "CW" on the labels of your scrap bins stand for?

Pat in Nebraska

As a final process when I'm cutting pieces for my quilts I have a basket to catch the cut-aways. Anything with the smallest dimension being at least one-and-a-quarter inch goes into the basket instead of the trash. When the basket is full I make machine pieced 'crazy' patchwork for 6.5 inch squares. These are put together with either sashing or alternate blocks and go the the church group who makes tied quilts for their service group. This makes me happy as nothing goes to waste.

Tracey Holzer

This will be gorgeous, Nicole. Have a wonderful Christmas!!


That quilt will use up a lot of your scraps and will be easy to construct with making 9-patch blocks. My big plan for 2018 is to use up my scraps too! After all there is a lot of money tied up in all those scraps. I have already started going thru my stash piles where there are lots of scraps mixed in. First I am cutting 4 1/2" x 16 1/2" pieces for herringbone baby quilts. Right now I am working on blues. Since I don't have my scrap bins sorted by color, I will take the scraps left from cutting the herringbone pieces and start a bin just for blues. After I do a quick sort of the scraps I have all mixed together and cut any blue herringbone pieces I can, I will put those scraps in the blue bin. Later I plan on going back and cutting the scraps into rectangles I can use for zig zag quilts or squares for 4 or nine patch blocks. I will continue this plan for the major color groups like the yellows, oranges, and greens etc. that I have yet to tackle. I figure if I work on this all of 2018 and not buy any more fabric I might make a dent in what I have!


Love your idea! I think that will be my motto for 2018 as well. It seems I tend to hoard all my favorite fabric and then I have a bunch of random fabric I'm not sure what to do with. So this is the year I cut it up or get rid of it. Thanks for inspiring 😍

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