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January 12, 2018


Barbara Anne

Glad to hear from yu and that you're able to read and to enjoy your lovely basket quilt. The wonders of modern medicine do help the symptoms, but quilts are the best comfort!

A word from one who had the flu a few Decemberss ago - don't plan on doing too much for the coming weeks as you'll probably tire out disgustingly quickly. Too true.


Barbara Anne

Oh, and I'm wishing your sweetie well with that painful knee. Perhaps CBD oil will help in the meantime as he waits for surgery?

More hugs!

Lin McQuiston

So sorry you’ve been that sick. Thank goodness for the right meds to get you back to health. I too made that quilt. It is t quilted yet though. Not sure how to quilt it or what thread to use. Is yours quilted with an all over panto? Any idea what color thread? I hope your hubbys appointment can be moved up so he doesn’t have to wait so long.


I'm so sorry that you have become a flu statistic! It's been bad this year, both of my daughters have had it as well. Glad you are on the mend. I do love that quilt, just beautiful! I wish your husband well with the knee surgery and hope it goes as smoothly as the first one. Feel better, enjoy the weekend! I'm hoping to attend a craft brewery grand opening with my husband tomorrow, it will depend on how I feel since I've been down with another bout of shingles this week and have felt miserable and been in lots of pain. Sunday after church we're taking our DIL's birthday gifts over to her. A busy weekend!


MLK day plans? I'm getting the house ready to be able to bring my husband home from rehab - he fell about a month ago and fractured his lower back. can't wait to get him home - too many people at the rehab facility sniffling and sneezing - got to get him home before he comes down with something!

glad to hear you are feeling better.


The quilt you have been snuggling with is amazing!!!! Would you be able to give me information about the pattern? I have wanted to make a basket quilt for quite awhile and this one is absolutely breath taking!

Robby H.

Glad to hear you may have turned the corner. I hear the therapeutic powers of quilts should not be ignored.

Words of encouragement to your husband. When my mom got her second knee done, her recovery was much faster. She said she was more comfortable with knowing what the discomfort would be and how much she could push herself in PT. (I do think the fact it was a few years later might have also meant better technology like the chiller for her leg, but the other part was real.)


Isn't it nice to be able to enjoy the cozy quilt you made? The ruptured eardrum is especially scary so I'm glad you've gotten than taken care of! No part of the flu is good, though, is it? Wishing your husband a quick surgery date for his knee. Medical technology for knees is improving at lightening speed!

Karen L.

That beautiful quilt is fulfilling its destiny by providing comfort. I hope you feel better soon You have lots of fans in your corner.
Karen L.

Mary Kastner

Very glad to hear you are feeling better Nicole!

Nancy Watki

Glad you are on the mend! I cannot wait to try that book you suggested. Sorry to hear about your hubby's knees and hope he can get it done sooner rather than later. What better eye candy while you are those little baskets.


Ugh. Such woes this week. Glad that you had the basket quilt to snuggle with. I know you were thankful that you kept the striped sashing straight.
Here's to a successful recovery for you and a speedy resolution for your husband's knee. Take care, my friend.


Sorry to hear you have been so sick this week. My daughter battled the exact same symptoms as you and finally went to the Dr for meds. I'm in Ohio and the ice and snow are coming later today and tonight. Stocked up on food so will spend the weekend hibernating in my sewing room. Get well!!


So sorry that you were this sick but glad that you now feeling better. And reading while snuggling under a quilt is always comfort for body and soul.
Hope your husband will have his surgery soon it's always so frustating if you have to wait and wait till the doctors finally do something. My mom was told last January that she needed a Cochlaer implantat because of her bad hearing and finally in June she had surgery. Nearly a half year of waiting and endless trips to the doctor.
Nevertheless have a wonderful weekend and hopefully Monday you'll be flu-free.


So glad to hear you are on the mend. I was down for two weeks, not quite as severe as your symptoms, but a dry cough that didn't allow sleep :-( It seemed as though it would never end, but then exactly two weeks to the day, it was gone ;-) Take care and DO drink lots of liquids. In the end I think that helped me alot. (Thank you Gatorade)

Karen Reid

I am a new reader from down under to your blog. Sorry to hear you have been unwell. I wish you a speedy recovery


We seem to have the same flu, so I borrowed your Keep Calm pic for my blog! Tests say no infection for me, just bad flu. MD says a week more of snot and cough before I should be over it. Oh Joy! I have been reading, too, as well as watching other people quilt on You tube. I hope we both feel better soon!

Stephanie L. Davison

What a miserable way to spend a week just when your Diva came home! How frustrating! But I'm glad you are able to be up and around now. I've heard from a nurse that the flu shot was only 10% effective this year, and that the flu is a wicked one, lasting anywhere from 7-14 days. Take care of yourself so you don't relapse. Nice, relaxing days in the sewing room should be just the thing. Feel better!


Glad to hear you're starting to feel better, antibiotics are awesome! It's been a bad flu and cold season, I was sick twice in December. Hopefully you'll be back to your old self in no time! Love your basket quilt too 😍

Cindy Krelle

Glad you’re on the mend! Read Eleanor Oliphant and LOVED it! Sort of like a female version of A Man Called Ove. Just ordered Peace Like a River. Thank you for all your reviews! Cindy


I'm glad you are feeling better. I have read Lies She Told and found it a little hard to follow. And a little far fetched. Fingers crossed for an earlier surgery date!

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