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January 04, 2018



Thank you for this great review list. I've put some of these books on my must read list.

linda townsend

I read a lot and I appreciate your reviews. The only one of your recommendations that I read was A Man of Moscow which I consider one of the best books I have ever read. Most books that I finish I barely remember what they were about. But this one featured one of most memorable characters in literature. I can't wait to read your recommendations. I love your blog. Thank you.

linda townsend

How embarrassing. I got the title wrong - it is The Gentleman in Moscow and he was truly a gentleman.


I gave five stars to A Gentleman in Moscow also. I just loved Count zrostov and how he was able to create a rich life for himself in reduced circumstances. I also agree with your ratings of Homegoing, The Dry, and a Little Fires Everywhere. A lot of the other books are on my list, but I haven’t gotten to them yet. Thanks for your great reviews!

Diane Linford

For the books I've read on your list, I completely agree with your reviews. I'll have to had the others to my TBR list. My favorite of these by far was Code Name Verity. (It's also a great listen). I also read Rose Under Fire, which is excellent, but I still prefer Code Name Verity.
Thanks for sharing. Happy reading in 2018!


Thanks for the reviews. I have 3 more books to request from my library. I have read some of the same books. " Before We were Yours" told a story that was truly horrifying. I had no idea that such terrible things happened to children that were not orphans!


Love your book reviews.

Tracey Holzer

I love your book reviews almost as much as I love your quilt reveals! I've read so many good books because of your reviews. Thanks for taking the time to post this.

Amy L

Thank you for the list of reads. I've pinned one, and will refer back to this post in the coming months. I've only read one from your list - Lincoln in the Bardo. I listened to it and was mesmerized. It was fabulous. I recommended this book in audio to the two sixth grade teachers for whom I volunteer, since the Civil War is on the docket for this grade in Virginia.

Mary Kastner

Wonderful reviews. Thank you so much for all the time this took you to share with us. I made a list. Some of these I read and others I already had in sight. Great information Nicole - nice job!


Barbara Anne

Love the information and reviews of thes books. I've read only the Chilbury Ladies' Choir and loved it.


Clair M Becker

Thank you for your review list,always look forward to this and make my list and check out for the library


Nicole, if you enjoy reading and reviewing books before they publish, you should check out I've belonged for several years and have read so many books prepublication! You can search for authors or genres you like, fiction, nonfiction...everything is on there. They ask that you review the books on Netgalley, then link to your blog if you have one that you review on. Since you already do this, it would be perfect for you. You can also link to your Goodreads and Amazon reviews if you review at either of those sites. It's worth it for the books you can read for free! You should definitely check it out.


I always enjoy your book conversations and I've added several books to my reading list for this year. I've always been a reader but have slacked off enormously in the past few years - mostly due to internet reading. My son gave me Lincoln in the Bardo for Christmas. I started it and immediately was drawn in, but I'm trying to only read it when I have uninterrupted stretches of reading time - I want to savor all of it!

Jennifer in Indy

I always love your book reviews and get some good ones for my list! I read The Chilbury Ladies Choir on summer vacation and really enjoyed it - and I’ve added a few from this list to my ongoing “read someday” list - thank you!

rose m appel

I have taken the titles from 3 and will be calling my book store to order. Love to read and its nice to get a review before buying that you feel you can trust.Love your quilt from triangles. the colors just pop with that red.
you always have me looking forward to your posts. 'Happy New Year .


I love your reviews - I read the Chilbury Ladies' Choir on your recommendation and enjoyed it. I have just added another four from this list to my library requests. Let's hope they don't all arrive at once!


Due to a long daily commute all my books are audios so that I can satisfy my love of reading. From your previous reviews I have listened the second through fifth books listed here and enjoyed each one. Several others you mention are on my list for the future. Thanks so much for sharing your opinions, it's a huge help.

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