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January 26, 2018


Mary Kastner

The last picture has to be my favorite. Such good taste! JO's fabric line looks beautiful. I do like her fabric from Moda a lot! Yoir planner is beautiful on the outside. NOw start writing down all those beautiful quilts to make that are swirling in your head! Have a great weekend Nicole.


Barbara Anne

Love the New Hope collection and all of those delicious colors and patterns! What a delight!

YOur new notebook is charming as was it's packaging. Enjoy using it!

We love Moosemunch, too, but have never had H&D call asking for an order.


Annie O

Gorgeous notebook! I’m doing a Bullet Journal and finding it hard to establish a habit to write regularly, but have always been a list maker. I think it’s all the blank pages in a fresh new book!
Jo Morton has the best colors, agreed. Your blocks are yummy.
My husband can’t say no to any neighbor kids selling treats!

Stephanie L. Davison

Beautiful notebook! I have so many little notebooks on my bookshelf, I should put one to use for quilt planning!

Linda Smith

The Jo Morton fabric is really appealing. Great choice.


Happy mail day and can't wait to see what you make with the fabrics!


So, what IS this special popcorn? Is it good? I've been on a popcorn kick for a few weeks. ;p


Jo's new line is beautiful. You can munch away will you dream of things to make

pam hansen

Lot of goodies at your house. Jo's new line is indeed gorgeous and your husband's Moose Munch looks inviting.

Helen Storer

Beautiful fabrics by Jo Morton but I am trying to be good and not buy any fabric until I have used up a bit more of what I have. Love you scrap blocks think I will do this with my civil war scraps thanks for the idea.


Such a cute notebook and personalized too! I was just eyeballing that Jo Morton bundle and trying to talk myself out of buying it. Those colors are so great, so I may just have to get it. Have a great weekend!

Marylou Hansen

Wish I was your favorite neighbor so you could invite me over for a Moose Munch party. It's so yummy!

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