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January 09, 2018


linda townsend

Bob Smith at Accent Sewing in Murrell Inlet, SC, owns a shop with his wife Sheryl. He would have fixed all of your problems at his own worktable. Bob worked for Bernina for years and trains technicians at their school. I am honest in teliing you he knows as much about Berninas as any Bernina technician. I would eliminate Illinois and deal directly with Bob.He is very reasonable, helpful and a pleasure to work with. You would never had gotten the treatment at Accent Sewing as you did at your dealership. Yes you would have to pay the shipping, but I think the turn about time would be much better. You can use my name as I am a very good customer there. Linda Townsend

Mary Kastner

THank goodness that episode is over! Plunge into the machine. You will love it! I have a 750 that I do all my machine quilting on and a 440 that I do all my piecing on. they both are wonderful machines!



Glad to hear your machine is home and will think only wonderful thoughts for it.....Happy Sewing ;)))

Robby H.

Glad your machine wandered home. Hopefully, never to see IL again. I vote for using it responsibly but with abandon. You own it for a purpose and if it won't fill that purpose, better to know and be freed of worrying about 'what if'. Wishing you many happy years together.

Barbara Anne

Welcome home, Miss Diva!! I agree that you should use it and enjoy it to the max and as if it had never hiccuped so badly. Enjoy!

I am dismayed that Berniina of America didn't back up their warrenty fully but am glad the folks at the local shop did.



What an emotional roller coaster! Happy to have your machine back & some satisfaction from that formerly less than stellar dealership. On the other hand, nervousness about actually putting it back to work in your normal, confident manner. My first inclination would be to unload it to free myself of the worry but that would probably not be a good plan either! So, jump in with all you've got and give that diva a good workout!


I'm glad that your Diva is back but I can totally understand why you hestiate to use it. And I also wonder what was wrong with the machine in the first place because a repair for $460 can't have been just some minor problem. Makes you wonder if something with your machine was wrong from the start.
I say use your Diva because that was what she was made for but it's god that you have a great backup.


I can't even imagine the logic for expecting the customer to pay for labor. Unbelievable. :(


can't believe it took so long and must have been something major for that cost........
get in and use it.......


I am so happy you finally got it back! It sure is helpful to have a backup machine. I love my Bernina 150 but also have a 640 Embroidery (but I haven't used the embroidery in over 5 years!) so it's nice to not worry when I have to have one cleaned. Commence sewing!!!


You are making me appreciate my vintage Bernina machines. I learned the hard way with a Janome 6600 (a model everyone but me loves) that I don't like computer machines. Mechanical all the way for me. You need to run that machine as much as possible and start raising a ruckus if it has another issue. Glad it was taken care of but golly this is disappointing to hear. Hopefully happy stitching to you!

gloria g. Walls

Good to hear you got it back, and yes that your local store paid the so called labor charge.......I have two Berninas, the 153 Quilters Edition in red that had a problem, and I had to pay, and a B710 which I also had a problem with early on, and drove it to a dealer since we had moved and it was in warranty.......thank hubby is not as generous as yours.....I also enjoyed using my Featherweight while it was away from home.....for what we pay for these machines, someone should pay.........and not us......Good job.......Your local shop made and makes money selling machines.........just my opinion....but glad it is finally home.....gloria g. Wellborn, FL

pam hansen

After reading through the comments of others I too would say make your 740 do the work for which it was designed. Shame on Bernina for not taking full responsibility for their products failure.

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