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January 16, 2018



Wow, I’m so sorry to learn about your hearing issue - what a problem. I certainly hope it resolves quickly! Regarding the scrap busting issue - I mlade a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt a year or so ago, and thought it would be a great way to use up some of my scraps (sound familiar?) Well, I had to go out and buy more fabric, as I didn't have enough in the colors I’d chosen to use. So of course I wound up with more scraps than I began with - just different colors. A couple years ago, I decided to use my 2” scraps to make a different Bonnie Hunter pattern as a charity quilt, making lots and lots of 4 patches. The quilt is absolultely beautiful, but after spending hours and hours and hours sewing the 4 patches, I decided that all future charity quilts would be quick and easy patterns. Lesson learned. Take care and feel better soon!


The quilt turned out great and seems well worth the growth in your scrap bin! I used to save all my scraps, strips, etc, but never seemed to use them and eventually passed them on to someone who would. It's quilts like these that make me wish I'd held on to them. Nice job!

Mary Kastner

LOve this quilt. I am definitely making a 9 patch quilt this year. Great job Nicole! GLad to hear you are feeling somewhat better. it sounded awful!

Sherry V.

Your quilt top is lovely. Good job.

Sorry to hear about the increase in your scraps. . .but that just means you need to find another quilt pattern for those scraps.

Glad to hear that you are getting back to health. Hope that the rest of your recovery is speedy.

Tracey Holzer

Love this one, Nicole! And I'm glad to hear that you're on the mend. After reading your "what size of scraps do you keep" question, I decided to go through my bags of ziplocs and make a third scrap quilt. I'm almost done it. I just have the rows to sew together and add side setting triangles. Its simple, but very nice and I'll send you a pic when its done. Get have last week to make up for!!! lol


I hope your hearing improves soon. I love your Loose Change Quilt. I think I too will go to my scraps and cut 2" squares to make a Loose Change quilt of my scraps.

Annie O

Beautiful! That must have been a hard one to layout—well, not having a design wall, it would have been a million bends to the floor at my house! A scrap quilt producing more scraps sounds about right :)
Sorry about your ear. My “good ear” has been clogged for nearly two months and drives me crazy, since my other ear is deaf. So annoying! Hope you’re better soon.

Barbara Anne

Loose Change is just wonderful in all respects and - should you consider giving it a different name - may I suggest "False Economy"?!

Am glad you're feeling better! I may be folloinwing you on the downhill way to flu as I awoke this morning with hardly any voivce.



Try to give yourself plenty of time to fully recover. You don't need any set-backs! I just read comments & I think "False Economy" would be a great name for your quilt! Whatever you call it, I think it's a lovely scrap quilt!

Debbie R.

That is a beautiful quilt top, and sure to be cozy. As for those scraps, they don't actually diminish, they multiply! They will be useful for another project someday.
Hope you feel better, and are hearing better, soon.


Love yur quilt it's so pretty! And don't worry you are not alone. Whenever I use some of my scraps I'm always ending up with more scraps;-)
But perhaps you have now enough scraps to make a second quilt could be a great gift. The colors are great for a man quilt too.
Hope your hearing loss will vanish soon.


I am feeling inspired by your Quilt! I have looked at this pattern soooo many times - maybe it’s time I get going! Your Quilt is beautiful!


ugh. your poor ear. :( I love this quilt but I totally understand the end product of more scraps. I've been making toddler/baby size quilts with scraps most recently. It doesn't use up all the scraps but it puts a dent in it. ;p

Nancy Watki

Ooh la, this quilt! It looks so homey and comfy. Glad to hear you are on the mend. All the scraps we create drives me bonkers but one day I shall use them.


So in love with this Quilt! The scrappiness makes it look like a vintage quilt. You made me laugh with your false economy! This is so true with scraps! They seem to multiply like rabbits! At least you have a nice start for your next scrap project 👍🏼


Ps - hope your ear feels better! I think my husband uses that trick on me when I ask him stuff 😂

pam hansen

Loose Change is a handsome quilt that I think is in the easy homestyle bracket. The simplicity and soft palette are comforting.
Hope your ear issue resolves quickly. I've been there too.


What a beautiful quilt! Love the colors of your "scraps". I've always thought that I'd like to make a postage stamp quilt but a Loose Change quilt made with 9-patches sounds better. Thanks for the inspiration.


Quilt patterns that say 'use up all your scraps!' are all LIES! I've never seen one yet! Although I am making some pineapple blocks from the Creative Grids pineapple ruler that you showed a few weeks back and that is making a dent in my strip boxes. Hope you feel better soon!

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