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January 05, 2018


Barbara Anne

Worthy goals, one and all. My hat's off to yoou!

Oh, and I have serious design wall envy as my wee sewing room has no room for that. sigh ...

I'll be here to watch you make these wonderful quilts!


Linda Enneking

You have quite a head start on your projects for the year. You will have several lovely quilts when you're finished. Thelma Childers of Cupcakes and Daisies did the Summerville quilt in oranges, blacks, and grays and named it Fallville. I really like that one.


All wonderful projects. A house quilt for each season is a nice idea. My only goal for this year is to either sew or knit each day...ha!


I admire your determination to get some UFO's off your plate! I'd be so tempted to start 'Farmer's Daughter' for Eva's birthday! Hard to believe that little girl is already going to be 7! Such a fun age!

Chris O'Dorisio

I really LOVE your Triangle Gatherings setting! I am sooooo far behind, who knows when I will ever get to the setting part. :) The seasonal village quilts sound like an absolutely wonderful idea, and if anyone can pull that off I am sure you can! Looking forward to seeing all you create in 2018 Blessings. :)
BTW, you inspired me to make the Township pattern, but I made pillows...10 of them for Christmas gifts...I AM CRAZY!!! Anyway, I sent a few photos to Sherri @ aquiltinglife and she used it in her monthly parade. Thanks for the inspiration Nicole...I think ;) lol


I love all of your projects!
I need to make a few more Moda Blockheads block to finally caught up and then I need to make them all into a quilt top.
How cute will Carrie's pattern be with Valentine fabrics? I think I need to make one too.
How about Carrie's Village pattern and CluckCluckSew house pattern for the other two seasons?

Tracey Holzer

Looks like a great year for you! I'm so excited to see what your Loose Change is going to look like. You and your scraps have been on my mind since your scrap post! haha. And Farmer's Daughter!!! Those fabrics are luscious. Have a good weekend.

Annie Ol

Soo much fabric and blocks to love going on in your sewing room! Wish I had a design wall. The kit for your granddaughter is adorable. I like house blocks too. Enjoy your stitching hours, as always.

Mary Kastner

I have my to do list 2018 ready to go and am trying very hard to control myself from starting anything new. Also a problem or me. Your almost finished quilts look wonderful. Best of luck on the wrapups.


Debbie R.

So many beautiful projects! Can't wait to see them finished. You inspire me!
As for resolutions, I don't make them either, although I am going to try to make a little time for sewing every day -- it's such good therapy!


Oh you'll get those all done! Eva will love that quilt made with Farmer's Daughter. I've been eyeing that fabric line at our local quilt shop every time I go in - it's so lovely.

Janet O.

Each project you have going is something I could see myself wanting to make. And I especially love what you did with the Primitive Triangles blocks!


I am so in love with Barn Stars! I love Camille's patterns...well organized and easy to follow. I haven't seen the Winterville pattern but I do have Summerville pattern in my queue. ;p


you are inspiring me to take up quilting... maybe 2018 is the year! :-)

Nancy Watki

I love that idea of four house quilts! That house quilt for Eva is so sweet looking. She will love it! Really enjoy seeing all your projects. Thank you for taking the time to have a blog.


Awesome!! Congratulations on the finish. I followed along but didn't sew the triangle blocks but I do really love what you did with yours!

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