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January 31, 2018


Mary Kastner

Thank you Nicole for all the good information beyond quilting. I really detest buying most of these things because I never know what I am doing so your recommendations are deeply appreciated. Have a wonderful day!


Barbara Anne

Thanks for the information and recommendations!

My go-to tea in the wintertime is Bigelow's Constant Comment. It tastes like Christmas!


pam hansen

I honestly would pay a good sum of money to find a bra that is comfortable. I have worn Wacoal for years and can get by with one of the two styles I have but it would be so nice to find one that I can't wait to remove. With that said I shall go to Kohl's and try the Warner bra.


I will check out the bra you are recommending. I, too, wear one bra by Wacoal. I call that extra fat around the bra sides the "pooches" (not a dog).

Nancy Watki

What a fun post Nicole! I plan on checking a few of these things out.


Thanks for this blog post. The fruits look really yummy and I would love to hear about the honeyball (great name btw). I've seen today in the bookstore that there's a third book from Jojo Moyes in the 'Me' series did you know? I read a chapter in the bookstore and don't know if I like it.


I love your quilty blogs a lot. I never miss reading them and I worry about you when you don't post for awhile. BUT, I also love when you go off topic like today. I love the book reviews you do and have read books I wouldn't have known of otherwise. So anytime you don't have something to write about quilting, I hope you will feel very free to opine or post about something else. You are a most interesting person in every respect. I enjoy whatever you post.


Enjoyed reading your post today. Thanks for the recommendations - I'll have to check some of them out. And do let us know about the honeyballs. Sounds like they would be yummy.

suzanne simpson

just writing to say hi from Australia and that i enjoy your blog. It seems we share the love of the same fabrics. Anyway, those honeyball fruits, they look like tangellos, we have them in Australia. They are very juicy but somehow not as sweet or sour as you would think. Enjoy them. I decided to join you in the courthouse steps and have about 35 done but mine are more scrappy in colour. Am loving it but that can be addictive so I try to limit myself to one a day, hmmm doesn't always happen though. Thank you for the enjoyable reading

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