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February 26, 2018



Nice finish Nicole and now you can do the "happy" dance....did you feel it made a dent in your stash??? ;))

Sandy E-H

What a beautiful quilt! Your fabric and placement of each is perfect! A lot of time and thought went into this project.

Mary Kastner

IT looks great! I think some Curves in the quilting will serve it well. Wonderful job Nicole.


Michele Klein

An allover curvy design will work well. Since the quilt is fairly busy anything custom would not show up. Nice job!

Sherry V.

My first thought was Baptist Fan since the curves will complement the straight lines of the blocks.

It looks wonderful.

Barbara Anne

Well done!! Yes, it has a modern feel with the colors and layout. Will you add borders?

I like the curved idea for a quiltiing pattern and suggest you look at a pantograph called Double Bubble if you want the modern look to continue.



What a great finish. They'll never be any way to use of all those scraps we have in our stash. But you must have made a little dent

Tracey Holzer

This quilt is even more gorgeous when I zoom in for a close-up of the fabrics, Nicole! Love it!! Ok, so if you're wanting to soften the look of the quilt, go with an all over flowy curve panto...but if you're wanting to keep with the more modern edge, an all over, thru the centre of the squares, diagonal cross hatch lines at each corner where your logs meet. That's a lot of straight lines tho and your quilter might tell you not to come back! Haha!! Or 2: divide the quilt into 4 equal triangles thru the centre and then do straight line V echo quilting in each of the triangles. So the Vs spread out from the centre of your quilt. Hope that makes some sorta sense to you!!
I'm now working on my 4th scrappy stash quilt and I can't see a dent in my stash either. :-0


I love your Courthouse Steps Quilt! Great job, beautiful fabrics and a wonderful quilt design.
Now I want to make a Courthouse Steps quilt too.
Thanks for sharing your Quilts projects.

Patty Fowl

Congratulations on finishing this beauty Nicole! However you quilt it, it will still be amazing but a curved design of some kind will be really wonderful.

I, too, have been trying to work from my stash and have been barely making a dent. I am really trying to hold off making any purchases, although have had to buy some backings because I didn't have yardage or didn't want to be piecing a backing multiple times. Do you or any of your readers have any ideas where to donate some of my stash? I know local guilds have frequently been suggestions but our local guild does not specify accepting donations. I am willing to box it up and put it in the mail...


My machine quilter has definitely mastered the straight line technique. Although it's not her favorite she is willing to do it for me. I just got a quilt back that's all squares with straight line quilting & I love it! It's a modern look for a wedding gift later this year.

Debbie R.

Beautiful quilt! I, too, would go for quilting with curves to soften all the lines/squares. Can't wait to see it quilted.

Arrowhead Gramma

Beautiful quilt and have enjoyed following the process of you making it. To me, with the repro Civil War fabrics, the Baptist Fan would really enhance the quilt nicely.


I think it is very modern looking. I really love it. For the quilting? I would ask to see patterns she has available and look for something that isn't as repetitive looking as fans. I would look for something that is freer in form like circular motion of the wind. Doesn't help? do a google search for quilting designs. You might get inspired. ;p

Helen Storer

What a great quilt. Baptist fans would be my choice.


I love the Civil War fabrics. They make quilts look good no matter the pattern. I guess that's why they are still around so timeless!


Very pretty, great mix of colors. Sorry it did not diminish your stash as much as you would have liked, lol! I know the feeling well! I like the sounds of Baptist Clam for the quilting.


Congratulations on finishing this amazing scrap buster quilt. I too think a quilt pattern with curves would look great


Congrats your finished top is beautiful! I'm not good at giving quilting advice but I'm sure you can agree with your new quilter on a great design.

Jennifer in Indy

The top looks great and glad you had some fun in your stash! I agree that a quilting design with some curves will complement this quilt.

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