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February 12, 2018



Looks great, need to try and find a spot for one in my sewing spot.


A win-win!! Congratulations on your new ironing surface/storage area. And new iron! What a weekend! (Only a quilter or sewing could understand, I guess). I hope you have many fun hours in your quilting studio this week!


* sewist not sewing


Looks good!


So...liking this project and might copy your idea...or Thelma's. Now, off to Lowes later for the board and shelving ;)) Like your ironing space!

Mary Kastner

THat looks great. Very good use of space too!



It looks great and I love the idea! Perhaps I would make a second cover for the station which can be replaced since you nailed the one you have now in place.

Robby H.

My thanks to you and Thelma for a brilliant idea. I was a little sad when I saw how tall the shelving ended up, but cutting it down is something I could work with. Wishing you much happy pressing!

gloria g. Walls

great job. Glad your husband helped, mine did not. I also have used these for years. I have a Big Board on top of three shelves with casters. Love it. Need to recover it since I do a lot of will love this.........looks great and storage, what else? Keep up the good work......gloria g. Wellborn, FL


I have that same shelving unit! Must ponder if I have the floor space to try this. I know I don't, but maybe I could rearrange things?

Annie O

Great collaboration with the hubs! Mine would do the same were I lucky enough to have space to put such a station! I recognize that cover fabric, an older April Cornell print I used as a backing for a favorite quilt.


I ❤️ your ironing station!! What a great matter whose it was! I may shamelessly copy you & add one to my sewing room! And, Walmart irons are very free-ing of any guilt when buying a new one! I don't care what brand as long as they meet my criteria of super hot & super steamy!

Barbara Anne

Stellar!! I have one that SH made for me several years ago and I love it. If you don't mind bending over, the floor space under your ironing station is handy for flatter storage!




Sue Babich

Looks great ! Enjoy !


So jelly! I need to go make one now too, just have to figure out the hacksaw 😂


What a great pressing station! I'm currently using the top of an old sewing cabinet with a 10 x 14 pressing surface. I would love to have that much room to work.

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