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February 28, 2018



I'd have a hard time cutting off so much of the block. Maybe keep the blocks intact and put in setting triangles!


OMG, I don't know if I should laugh or cry- that's a LOT of work to just whack off. But, I'm in love- love little,fussy pieces!


Please tell me the cut off sections have another home. Waiting for the sequel.....

Mary Kastner

Holy smokes! It is really cute but , but, but what the heck???? MY mouth is hanging open until I hear "the end of the story"!!!!!


Barbara Anne

Too cute and super scrappy but I have to agree - cut thaose bits off?? I think not. Of course, you could sew them together for a different look ...?

What's up in the next installment?!


Michele Klein

I'd put in some set-in triangles! That's too much work just to chop off. A pattern is just a guide right? Make it your own!!!

Janet O.

Love this runner. Bought the book just for this pattern years ago, but have never attempted making it.
I hope this story has a happy ending!!

Jody Randall

Yikes! that's basically 2 blocks being cut off. All that work! Wonder why she couldn't have written the pattern to only make 4 of those only partially? Even this.

Sherry V.

Hmmm. . . .could you sew them to the ends to square them off? It seems like that could work.

Looking forward to "the rest of the story".

Kathy Czuprynski

That will be PAINFUL to cut off after all that work. But the end looks so cool!

Nancy Watki

Love this but I so agree with all the comments above....this IS painful!!!!


That's my March piecing project. Now I am not so sure I want to do it. LOL Mine will not be as scrappy, I am still collecting navy and red fabric.

Tracey Holzer

NO, NO, NO!!! sew that back together, Nicole!!! Augh what a shame, heh. Well, its still super cute and you can't beat those fabrics. I really like that there is no lights in it.

Jan I can't even imagine doing all that work then whacking them up! You're a braver quilter than I am! What a cliffhanger! Can't wait to see what you end up with!


I can't BELIEVE it! All this work and then you just CUT IT OFF!?!?! Please tell me you don't do this, please. I would some setting triangles and make a bigger table topper.

Debbie R.

Wonderful blocks. I'm assuming she suggests a good use for the pieces that are cut off ...


On noooo! Maybe come up with your own design that would save those pieces?
As always, I love your colors.


lol...I'm sobbing in sympathy! #insanity But it WILL be gorgeous! ;p

Karen L.

Maybe you could attach them to a dark back ground and then frame them for the wall.


Have to agree, so painful to chop off so many hours of work! Your finished runner looked lovely on Instagram though.

Sara F

It's really gorgeous - and YES you were very brave to cut it after spending so much time with piecing it. I just saw the finish product on your other post and the final look was worth the pain.

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