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February 06, 2018


Mary Kastner

You are so right. It looks better! That is really a cute combo of blocks. Nice job!



I love your Scarlet Stars with the 3" border too. I need to finish four big quilts and then I plan to make some more mini quilts for my tables too. Right now a Patriotic Table topper I made is on my Dining Room table.

Debbie R.

Very nice! The wide border really does finish the quilt beautifully. Love the heart runner you posted yesterday, too. You are well and truly ready for this month's hearty celebrations.

Barbara Anne

I agree that the additional border gave this delightful little quilt a more "finished" look. Well done!


pam hansen

Great finish. Stars never cease to look great in projects.

Kathleen Gentile

Oh, I love this! The border was just what it needed.


Love it! What size are the blocks?


Cute table topper! I love the addition of the border it's a great idea:-)


ooohhhh, good advice about quilting lines closer together. I will try that. I have a baby quilt I'm going to baste and quilt this week. ;p

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

Very cute!!!

Linda Smith

I have several unfinished quilt tops that I can't afford to send out to be quilted anymore. I plan to start trying cross-hatching with my walking foot. Seeing how nice your quilt top turned out with your grid quilting inspires me to try finishing more of my own, especially since I really like the look of grid quilting. Thanks.


I agree it needed that last border. Cute and better yet, done!

Jody Randall

Love the little quilt and it does look better with a nice wide border on it. I also liked the hearts runner on the previous post. I've also been doing cross hatch quilting here lately to finish up some small projects laying around. I love cross hatch and had forgotten how easy it is to quilt.


It's a sweet mini! Love the collection on fabrics.


That border really finished off the little mini! Great quilting too 😍

Stephanie L. Davison

Very pretty! I think the border idea was spot on!

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