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March 13, 2018



Nicole, I totally agree about the Roxanne thimbles! I bought a sterling silver one over 25 years ago...I think I paid $115 for it, which was a huge investment for me at the time. I use it for everything from hand quilting to binding to hemming pants and skirts. I've managed not to lose it through two moves. One of the best investments I've ever made!

Tracey Holzer

You've included a few things that I would like to try in my sewing room. My two favourite notions would be the Clover awl...I don't hardly sew without it in my hand! And the Angler 2. It is always attached to my machine and makes my sewing much easier in many ways. And I love Superior needles in my machine, too. I guess I am in the market for some new fabric scissors as my daughter used mine to cut half a dozen pipe cleaners into 1" chunks! Have a great day, Nicole.


love those little house pins as well...and gotta try the clover forked pins...thanks!


I agree that the Bernina seam ripper is really sharp but have you tried the Mini Seam Fix ripper? It's a little more than 3" long, extremely sharp & the best feature is a beehive shaped 'eraser' on the end. It gets those tiny ripped out threads out like using an eraser on a pencil without leaving marks.


Love and have a lot of things you have in your picture too.
I have a beautiful pair of scissors by @warm_crochet (instagram) and I really love them and already bought a second pair.


Love your notions as they are some of my fave as well! Not sure how I could survive without those little binding clips! I also love my 1/4" ruler, it's great for foundation piecing and checking seams.

Nancy Watki

Interesting things there Nicole, like the thimbles and the numbered pins. I never knew they existed! Thanks for sharing!

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