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March 16, 2018


Pam Marshall

Love these colors.

Mary Kastner

Well your fabric choices are gorgeous and I love the pattern as well. WIn, win IMHO! Have a great weekend! I am certainly looking forward to this project progressing!



Hour glass blocks and pinwheels, two of my fav blocks to make. Looking forward to seeing it made up in your fabrics

Barbara Anne

Wonderful pattern and lovely, delightful fabrics! Yum! This quilt will be a joy, start to finish!

I've enjoyed the notions posts but have been busy, so didn't comment. I've made a list of your excellent suggestions and appreciate the links.


Stephani in N. TX

I recently stitched a Bonnie Blue/Red Crinoline pattern called Savannah, all in French General reds, tans and grays. It's my favorite quilt. I always like your mix of colors in quilts. I can tell you love color and you're quite artful at it with your quilts.


It will be a beautiful quilt the pattern is great!
Have a wonderful weekend too:-)

Tracey Holzer

Oh those chocolates!!! I can't believe that there is a Bonnie Blue pattern that I haven't seen before. It must have been before my Bonnie Blue days!?! Have a great weekend, Nicole.


What a wonderful fabric selection for this pattern!
On your size issues (which I totally share btw) here's my sixpence worth: How about slightly enlarging the blocks to 4.5" or 5"? As it is simple pinwheel and hourglass blocks that would be easy and as you are not starting with precuts you would not be restricted from the fabric side either. Taking this approach would allow you to keep the original number of blocks and orignal sqare layout. I myself prefer rectangular quilts so I would (probably) definitely add some rows anyway.
However, I'm sure whatever you decide on will be spectacular - I'm looking forward to it!


Your color choices are so rich looking! The pattern is a perfect size for me as I tend to make lap or a little larger quilts. But, there are no quit police so go ahead & make that one as big as you want! Happy St. Patrick's Day & enjoy sewing this week-end! ☘️

Debbie R.

Love the pattern. And your fabrics are delicious! Can't wait to see this one grow.

pam hansen

The pattern design is great but I must agree that sizing them up would make this quilt just as handsome and would certainly speed the process.
Your fabric selection is most attractive as well.
Have you seen Betsy Chutchian's new line? She selected rich colors with a brighter palette. I do like her fabric and patterns.


I love classic quilt blocks like pinwheels and hourglasses...have a sunny weekend!


I think I have this pattern and I love your colors! Appreciated your posts on favorite notions too, just had not had time to comment. My very favorite fabrics are civil war repros and the color RED!


Yes, I sighed over your fabric selection!


Nice fabric pull ant wait to see your progress


Lovely! This is going to be beautiful in these fabrics!

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