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March 19, 2018



Morning Nichole, If you did your computer update over the weekend, don't think that's what is causing your image problem as it looked like that in your Friday post too. Might need to look for another cause? Think this going to be a spectacular quilt!!!

Mary Kastner

great hints for perfection. Can't wait to see your version of coloring. You are so organized!


Barbara Anne

Love your organization and fabrics! Could those Flying Geese in the border be the cause of the busy look in this quilt?


Tracey Holzer

70 fat quarters!?! Wow, that's quite a bit. But destined to be wonderfully scrappy. I'm proud of you for listening to your gut in regards to the busyness of your quilt and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.


I noticed Friday when I zoomed in on the pattern that it was reversed. Updates always make me nervous & this just proves my point! Good to see that someone else labels e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.! In the end, it saves time & possibly fabric from being sewn into the wrong place! Have a great week!


Wow, you are super organized! Can't wait to see with which way you will come up to make this scrappy layout not so scrappy at all I'm sure it'll be amazing.
BTW the last picture was a mirror image on friday too and the other pictures look fine. Hope the update didn't mess up things for you after all. My laptop did an update a while ago and now one of my apps isn't working anymore:-(


Love your colour choice and thank you for the hint about getting a perfect 4 1/2 square.


I'm so impressed at how organized you are! Love your color choices and can't wait to see your progress! My friend had that mirror image problem, I think it has to do with your camera settings, you can probably google it and find a quick fix.


Keeping track of all those pieces is a perfect way to get happy results. I'm with you about making these types of units bigger and doing a little trimming. It also makes for happy results.

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